May 17, 2024

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My Rockspace Extender Performance is Poor. How to Boost it?

“Please help! The performance of my Rockspace extender is very poor. I don’t know what to do. I think resetting would be a better idea. But no! After resetting – I tried to perform Rockspace WiFi extender set up process again, but I failed and experienced the poor performance issue.”

Don’t sweat over it! We have got you covered! In this article – you will get to know – how to boost up the performance of your Rockspace extender from the comfort of your home. With that said, continue reading!

[Fixed] Rockspace Extender Poor Performance

The fixes that will help you boost the performance of your Rockspace extender are outlined underneath:

Power Cycle Your Rockspace Extender

Your Rockspace extender may give you poor performance due to technical glitches. So, to get rid of glitches, what you have to do – restart the device by using the below-mentioned instructions.

  • Head over to the wall socket to which you have plugged in your Rockspace WiFi extender.
  • Unplug it and wait for 5-10 minutes.
  • Plug in back your WiFi range extender again.
  • Be certain that the Rockspace device’s wall socket is damaged-free and supplying proper yet fluctuation-free electricity to it.

See – if you are able to make the most out of Rockspace extender’s performance. On the off chance – this hack doesn’t help you – then you can opt for the next hack outlined underneath.

Connect Your Rockspace Extender and Router

If there is no connection between your Rockspace extender and router – then it is obvious to face the issue in discussion. So, what you can do – place them in reach of each other and then – press the WPS button on your host router and then press the WPS button on your Rockspace WiFi extender.

But, to make a wireless connection between your devices – your existing device i.e. the router must be WPS-capable. And, if it is not, put your hands on the Ethernet cable and use it for connecting your Rockspace extender and router.

What happened? Don’t know how to connect your range extender and the router using Ethernet source? If yes, then we suggest you take help of Rockspace WiFi extender manual.

Relocate Your Rockspace WiFi Extender

Placement plays an important role in the well-working and good performance of your Rockspace extender. In the event – you are still having issues making the most out of your device – change its location right away. But, changing the extender’s location doesn’t mean you place it away from your router. Yes! Both – router and the extender mist be placed at a safe distance.

Update Rockspace Extender Firmware

If none of the hacks listed above doesn’t bring you luck – then it means you have not updated the firmware of your Rockspace extender yet. So, what you can do – log in to your Rockspace extender using re.rockspace.local, and know how to perform and complete the firmware update process without hindrance.

Perform Rockspace Extender Properly

If you are still struggling with the same issue – then you need to reset the extender. But, as you have discussed this with us already – that you have reset the extender – and then – you are having issues performing the Rockspace WiFi extender set up process again, right?

Well, improper Rockspace extender setup is the reason why it is not performing well for you. So, it is important to configure the extender properly. Need not to worry if you don’t know how to set up the extender. Scroll up a little – refer to the highlighted term – and get complete instructions to set up the extender in a proper way.

And, once the Rockspace extender setup process is completed – you will itself see a boost in the performance of your device.