May 22, 2024

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Best Remote Desktop Software for Mac 2024

Explore top remote desktop software for Mac in 2024: seamless, robust, and high-performance solutions for efficient remote access.

Are you a Mac user looking for the best remote desktop software for Mac? Today, remote desktop solutions have become an essential tool for all in need of seamless access to their computers from remote locations. But there are so many options available, the question arises such as Which one is the best remote desktop software for Mac in 2024 that suits your specific needs? In this comprehensive guide we will provide you with the insights you need to make a final decision.

What Is A Remote Desktop Software?

Remote desktop software allows users to access and control a computer or server from a separate location, often replicating the remote system’s desktop interface on the user’s device. This technology proves vital for IT professionals providing technical support, businesses enabling their employees to access work systems from home, and educators demonstrating applications in real time to students.

Built-in Mac Remote Access Software

Screen Sharing on Mac OS

If your Mac has Screen Sharing activated, you can transfer the content to any other Mac connected to the same network. This allows users to open, manipulate, and close files, utilize applications, and even initiate a restart on the Mac.

Enable Screen Sharing On The Remote Mac

  • Navigate to the Apple Menu, select System Preferences, and then choose Sharing.
  • Choose the option labeled Screen Sharing.
  • Within the “Allow access for” section, you can define permissions regarding individuals or groups authorized to access your Mac and those who are not allowed to do so.
  • Share your Mac’s IP address with the users to grant permission to manage your device.

Enable Screen Sharing On the local Mac

  • Go to the “Go” menu and select “Connect to Server.”
  • Input the IP address into the designated text field and then click on the Connect button.

Other Remote Access Software For Mac

1. Microsoft Remote Desktop

Microsoft’s Remote Desktop is a leader when it comes to the best remote desktop software for Mac. This powerful tool offers seamless connectivity to Windows-based computers and servers, making it an excellent choice for individuals and organizations looking to access their Windows systems remotely from a Mac.


  • Cross-Platform Compatibility
  • Rich Multimedia Experience
  • Advanced Security
  • Customizable Interface
  • Clipboard Integration


  • Reliability and stability
  • Seamless Integration
  • Frequent Updates


  • Limited Mac-to-Mac Support
  • Complex Setup for Novices

In summary, Microsoft Remote Desktop is undoubetly one of the best remote desktop software for Mac when it comes to connecting to Windows. Its cross-platform compatibility, rich feature set, and advanced security make it a preferred choice for users looking for a reliable and robust remote desktop solution. However, it’s important to note that it may not be the best choice for Mac-to-Mac connections or for those who prefer a more straightforward setup process.

2. Zoho Assist

Zoho Assist is a cloud-based remote desktop software, designed and engineered to provide seamless, secure, and efficient remote access and support for Mac users and their various computing needs.


  • Cloud-Based Accessibility
  • Multi-Platform Support
  • Unattended Access
  • Collaboration Tools


  • Ease of Use
  • Affordability


  • Limited Feature Set in Free Version
  • Bandwidth Dependency

In short, Zoho Assist is an excellent choice for Mac users who are looking for a cloud-based remote desktop software for Mac. It has a wide range of features that make it an attractive option for individuals, small businesses, and organizations alike. However, users should be mindful of bandwidth limitations and the potential need to upgrade to a paid plan for advanced features.

3. SupRemo

SupRemo offers an array of features engineered to streamline remote access, management, and support. This versatile solution is designed to cater to the unique needs of Mac users, delivering a robust platform for secure and efficient remote connections.


  • Cross-Platform Compatibility
  • No Installation Required
  • File Transfer and Clipboard Sharing
  • High-Level Security
  • Customization Options


  • User-Friendly Interface
  • Versatile Compatibility
  • Cost-Efficiency


  • Limited Free Version
  • Internet Bandwidth Dependency

In conclusion, Its cross-platform capabilities, security features, and user-centric interface make it an attractive solution for Mac users. However, users should be aware of the limitations of the free version and consider their internet connection’s bandwidth for optimal remote session performance.

4. AnyDesk

AnyDesk is considered as one of the best remote desktop software for Mac and it  offers a comprehensive solution for remote access, collaboration, and support. It caters to Mac users’ needs by providing a versatile and secure platform for connecting to other devices remotely, ensuring an efficient and productive experience.


  • Unparalleled Speed
  • Cross-Platform Compatibility
  • Low Bandwidth Usage
  • File Transfer
  • Customizable Settings
  • enabling users to tailor their experience


  • Lightning-Fast Speed
  • Cross-Platform Versatility
  • Efficient Bandwidth Usage


  • Limited Free Version
  • Limited Collaboration Tools

In short, AnyDesk is a standout choice for Mac users who are in search of the best remote desktop software for Mac, renowned for its exceptional speed, cross-platform compatibility, and efficient bandwidth usage. Its versatility and user-friendly interface make it an attractive solution for businesses or individuals.

5. TeamViewer

TeamViewer for Mac OS is undoubtedly one of the best remote desktop software for Mac users, offering an extensive array of features to streamline remote access, collaboration, and support. This versatile software empowers Mac users with a secure and seamless platform for connecting to other devices remotely, enabling efficient remote work, troubleshooting, and team collaboration.


  • Cross-Platform Mastery
  • Effortless File Sharing
  • Collaboration Tools
  • Customizable User Interface
  • Secure Data Transfer


  • Unmatched Cross-Platform Compatibility
  • Efficient File Sharing
  • Excellent Collaboration 


  • Pricing
  • Complexity

In brief, TeamViewer for MacOS is the best remote desktop software for Mac options available. Its remarkable cross-platform compatibility, robust collaboration features, and secure data transfer capabilities make it vital for users. However, users should evaluate their budget and complexity preferences when choosing for their remote desktop needs.


In the world of remote desktop softwares, there are plenty of options, each engineered to cater to users’ specific needs. As we’ve explored the landscape of the best remote desktop softwares for Mac, a few key takeaways emerge. Additionally, performance and security are non-negotiable. Mac users demand an exceptional remote desktop experience that mirrors the efficiency of local computing. Ultimately, the choice is yours, and with the right remote desktop software, your Mac becomes a gateway to limitless possibilities.

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