May 22, 2024

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How to log in to Orbi and Update Its Firmware?

The Orbi mesh system provides user one router and two Orbi satellites. There are easy instructions to connect the Orbi router to the home modem and satellites.  

You have to use the Ethernet cable to link the router and modem. Just insert the cable to the WAN port of the router and LAN port of the modem. Make sure that the cable is not damaged.

To connect the Orb satellites to the router, you have to turn on the router by plugging its power cord to the wall socket and pressing the On/Off button. Then, start the satellites by using the same method.

Hit the Sync button on the Orbi devices. The Orbi mesh network will establish automatically.

Here, you will learn the next step to setup the Orbi network by accessing the orbilogin interface. This process will take some simple steps written down below.

Log in to Orbi Interface

We have made a small list of the steps that help you to understand the process quickly. So, let’s get through it without wasting any time.

1. Connect Computer to Orbi

The first step to reach the Orbi login page is connecting your computer to the Orbi router by using the LAN cable. The cable must be in good condition. If not then connect a new one right away.

2. Search

Start the computer and search the login URL or IP address The Interface will load on the computer screen. Here, you have to enter the username and password, which you will find in the Orbi user manual.

3. Access Interface Menu

Enter the login credentials and click on Next button. The interface main menu loads, here you can easily adjust the settings and networks. You can update your Orbi system (Firmware) and change the security login credentials easily.

You can use your phone to access the interface of Orbi with the help of Netgear Orbi app. Just follow some steps to download the app in your mobile phone.

4. Log in to Orbi Using Orbi App

To login through the app, just connect it to the Orbi network by using SSID details. Go to the Play Store, search the Orbi app, reach the download page and touch the Download icon. The app will starts install in your phone

After the installation, open the app, fill in the login details, enter the interface, and adjust the settings and networks.

Now, you must know how to update your Orbi firmware by applying simple instructions written down in a section.

Let’s Update Orbi Firmware

  • Access the interface through your computer by searching login IP or URL.
  • Go to the settings and click on the Firmware option.
  • Inside the Firmware tab, you will find current running system version.
  • Find the Search and Update button, and select it to start the update.

After downloading the new version install it by rebooting itself. You can make it sure by seeing Orbi router blinking white color.

End Note Words

This article has given you knowledge about how to log in to the Orbi interface by using simple instructions. We have also added a section which contains information about how to update your Orbi firmware easily through interface.