May 22, 2024

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Using Fleet Management Software’s Geofences To Increase Efficiency

Geofences were a lesser-known and new fleet management software feature a few years ago. But because of how useful and effective the feature is, even standard fleet management systems now come with it.

Marking locations on a map is only one aspect of geofencing. No matter how large or small the requirements, it is useful in any industry based on transportation. 

Do you have a GPS tracking system that is capable of geofencing? If not, you must upgrade immediately! We’re confident you’re unaware of all the potential uses for this useful little feature.

In this article, we’ll show you how to make the most of geofences in your fleet management programme.

But Wait, What Are Geofences, to Begin With?

Geofences are self-explanatory by their name. The physical barriers that divide up land and properties can be replaced virtually by them. Therefore, they establish geospatial limits that are connected to your fleet management software as virtual perimeters.

Areas can be divided from one another using geofencing. They are used to provide functional boundaries for vehicles or to specify prohibited regions. Geofencing is mostly used by Level 3 automated vehicles to travel without much driver intervention.

They can notify your programmed anytime a vehicle enters or exits the geofenced region using RFID tags and GPS tracking. These alerts can also be utilized to learn the general location of a vehicle without constantly monitoring the authorized fleet tracking software.

The fact that geofences can be created in any size and shape is one of their distinctive features. Similar to real-world properties, virtual geofencing is not required to follow a specific geometric pattern.

They are incredibly effective and adaptable since they are not constrained by geometrical rules. However, you can define a point of interest if you only need to geofence a small region rather than a larger one. It achieves the same task as a geofence, but without the need to specify a sizable area.

Geofences enhance location tracking characteristics for any location-based device or system by amplifying them. As a result, they are now considered to be one of the key characteristics of good fleet management software.

How Can Geofences be Used

For a very specific reason, geofences have now taken the place of other classic features in fleet management. They are simply very useful! Although the feature’s purpose is accurately described by its name, geofence, the feature’s potential applications are barely touched. Here are some typical applications for geofences:

  • Trip Updates: To avoid continually checking your software dashboard, you can select places of interest along the journey. You will be informed of a vehicle’s progress each time it enters your geofence or site of interest.
  • Restricting Areas: Specific routes may be handy for drivers but are inefficient for business. You can geofence off specific locations to prevent pointless losses. There are certain specific use cases for restricted regions that are described in the section below.
  • Maintaining Discipline: If you notice a driver frequently veering from the predetermined route, you can establish a geofence in the neighborhood to observe where they typically travel, how long they spend there, and how frequently they visit.
  • Proof of Delivery: You will be able to tell that the good or service has been delivered once your car enters the designated geofence. You can now stop receiving calls from customers and delivery personnel asking about delivery statuses.

How Geofences Help Specific Industries

Due to the several advantages they have for fleet management, geofences are particularly adaptable and versatile. You can utilize geofences whether you run a fleet of rental cars, FMCG, agricultural, or mining trucks. Let’s examine geofences’ benefits for several fleet-dependent businesses in more depth.

Construction and Mining 

The mining and construction sectors are focused on live tracking and safety. However, geofences are also crucial for them.

  • Remote updates: If you’re managing a sizable fleet remotely, you won’t have time to keep tabs on the whereabouts of every vehicle in real time. As a result, geofence around any location helps you receive updates on vehicle arrival and exit.
  • Asset Security: According to the NCIB, at least one in five construction sites’ assets are stolen. If not entire automobiles, then at least individual components are at risk of theft. Consequently, geofencing all components of a vehicle will safeguard your company against theft.


Geofences play a crucial role in the agriculture industry. They help maintain the balance between cattle and machines, segregate cultivation areas, and automate farming tracking through data-driven techniques. 

  • Land Segregation: Segregate land that has been irrigated, tilled, or worked on to avoid confusion or overworking. The Concave Hulk Technique also helps calculate the exact amount of land worked on within a geofence. 
  • Restricted Areas: When cattle are grazing, set geofences to restrict areas for vehicles. Let the machines work while also not disturbing cattle. 


Due to the consignment’s quick expiration dates, the food and beverage business is particularly time-sensitive. Managers must therefore oversee shorter and more intricate supply networks. 

  • Trip updates: By setting various geofences along the way, you can regularly receive location updates for a car without having to check the software all the time. Geofenced trip updates are the greatest approach to knowing your vehicle’s precise activities. There are occasions when you might have driving instructions for drivers that you only want to provide when they are close to a destination.
  • PODs: You can examine the geofence reports to see when a vehicle entered and departed the dispatch center and the destination center as proof of pick-up and drop-off. You can obtain automatic delivery proofs in accordance with these deadlines.

Medical and Healthcare 

In general, medical equipment is delicate and cannot be messed with. Managers must therefore pay close attention to the path that drivers are travelling. Through explicit supervision, geofencing aids in the proper supply of medical supplies.

  • Restricted places: You can label some areas as geofences if they are risky or time-consuming. Consequently, you can ask the driver of a car to adopt a safer path right away if it enters one of these regions.
  • Accurate ETAs: Pharmaceutical logistics are sometimes time-sensitive, so if someone requires a trip update, they urgently need one. Your ETAs will be more accurate and accessible at all times thanks to geofenced route updates.

TrackoBit Makes Geofences Better

Geofences are now a well-established feature in fleet management. However, there are countless possibilities and many more emerging use cases for improved fleet management systems in the future.

One of the top fleet management programmer, TrackoBit, allows you to make the most of geofences. TrackoBit improves all geofence use cases with the aid of the proper direction, integrated tools, and support. No matter the size of your fleet or the industry you work in, we have the best gps tracking solutions for you.