May 17, 2024

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What does Tracking Notifications Mean on iPhone?

Did you come across the feature of notifications tracking on an iPhone but you know nothing about it? Do not worry, this blog is the place to find all your answers. Today, we are going to know what is tracking notifications on iphone and how you can do it, so let’s get started with it. 

Notifications tracking on an iPhone device – What is it?

In simple terms, notifications tracking is the push notifications you receive on your iPhone device from different applications depending on the activity of your device, usage pattern, and location. 

You can look for tracking notifications on your iPhone from the ‘Find My’ section. Normally these notifications are implemented by Apple because of security and privacy reasons, majorly to stop tracking of your device by other devices such as AirTags and AirPods. 

There are basically two types of tracking notifications on iPhone which are mention below: 

  • App Tracking Notifications 

Apps have the ability to track when and how you are using them for personal notifications. For example, a shopping application can make changes to your incomplete carts or to the application you have recently viewed. 

  • Location Tracking Notifications 

There are many apps on your iPhone device that use the location services of your phone to track your current location based on which they send you necessary and useful notifications. The location tracking allows your iPhone to send you timely updates which can be useful for you. 

Tracking Notifications – Why is it important?

With the increasing importance of user privacy, tracking notifications on an iPhone device has come into the limelight not only as alerts but also as defenders of the privacy of the users. 

Here are some of the benefits or importance of why tracking notifications becomes important. 

  • Providing safety against unwelcomed tracking 

Tracking notifications acts as a guard against the external devices or the applications that are monitoring your iPhone device. They help you prevent any unauthorised tracking of your device by ensuring who can access the information regarding your location. 

  • Customized user experience 

Notification tracking ensures a personalized experience for you where you can select the details of your notifications and their frequency to avoid any unwanted interruptions. 

  • Entire control over the location data 

The next benefit you’ll get is that you’ll have complete control over your location data which ensures transparency. When you are able to manage your digital data well and actively, trust is develop between you and your device. 

  • User engagement is increase 

Notification tracking in a way promotes ongoing user engagement, as it keeps reminding you to have a look at the Privacy settings and adjust it as per your need. 

Tracking Notifications on iPhone – Know how to spot it?

Unless you have turned off the notifications or you are using Focus mode, you’ll find the notifications popping up on your screen if the phone is turned on or on the lock screen when it is turned off. To look at a specific tracking notification you can tap on the notification which is there on your screen.

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