May 16, 2024

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I’m Getting Orbi Not Found Error During Setup. Help!

Orbi setup is the ultimate solution to internet woes. But, it can be really painful when a person gets the Orbi not found error during the setup process. The very first thing you need to verify is that you are trying to proceed after the white light on your Orbi has become solid. Know that you’ll surely get the error message in the Orbi blinking white situation because it means that the router is in the boot state. You need to wait for the LED light to become stable. However, if the case is not related to the white light on your Orbi, you are suggested to take a walk through the techniques mentioned in the write-up. They will surely help you address the issue.

Solutions: Orbi Not Found Error During Setup

  • Disable Cellular Data: The very first reason that stops the person from completing the Orbi setup is that he tries to do it on cellular data which is not possible. Another thing that needs to be remembered is that the mobile should be strictly connected to the Orbi router network instead of some random network. Disabling the cellular data is recommended even if you have connected to the Orbi network. This is because there are chances that the mobile phone will try to drift toward the stronger network which is definitely the cellular data before Orbi setup.
  • Reboot Orbi: There is a high possibility that a glitch is creating such problems. To fix it, you should reboot the Orbi without even thinking for a second. Remember that rebooting can those wonders that major hacks fail to do. Also, rebooting is not a big deal. You just gotta remove the power adapter of your Orbi router from its respective wall outlet and keep it aside for a while. Let your router rest. Lastly, put your router again on power and see it starts showing on the Orbi app.
  • Update the Orbi App: There are high chances that the Orbi app version you are using has become outdated due to which you are getting the Orbi not found error during the setup process. Therefore, you should navigate to the Google Play Store or App Store depending upon the mobile device you own and check if the app demands an update. Get the app updated in case an update is available. This is to inform you that the outdated app version can cause Orbilogin issues in the future too. Thus, you should keep the app updated in all conditions.
  • Get Closer to Orbi: May be you are trying to perform Orbi setup out of the range of your router due to which the error message has shown up. It is very important you have to be present in the router’s range to discover it on the application. Therefore, it is recommended that you get a little closer to the Orbi router. Do not get so close however. Thereafter, refresh the network list and reconnect to the Orbi network. See if you are still getting error messages or not.

The Final Thoughts

We are now about to bid adieu with the last technique of this write-up. It is highly anticipated that after taking the help of the aforementioned tips, you will be able to fix the error message and hence complete the installation of your mesh system. In case you are still failing, check the battery percentage of your mobile phone. It must be sufficiently charged. However, perform a factory default reset of the Orbi router and set it up once again using the web browser in case the problem is not ready to get resolved. Thanks for reading the post.