May 18, 2024

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A Guide to Netgear Extender and Comfast Router Connection

Want to make connection between your Netgear extender and Comfast router? If yes, then you have to ensure that you were connected to Netgear_ext and performed Netgear extender setup process in a proper manner.

If the extender is successfully configured and you are making the most out of it already – then you can connect it to the Comfast router in few simple steps. What happened? Are you wondering how to connect Netgear extender to Comfast router? Yes? Wonder no more because you have opened the right article. Over here, you will get to know how to connect the devices in a matter of minutes. So, without thinking much – let’s get the ball rolling!

Netgear Extender to Comfast Router Connection [WPS Method]

WPS is the easiest method that will help you make a connection between your Netgear extender and Comfast router without putting any brainteaser and difficult to understand step in use.

Place Your Netgear Extender and Comfast Router Closer

To make a connection between your Netgear extender and the Comfast router – it is crucial to place them closer. So, do the needful and apply the next step.

If you don’t have two wall plugs closer for plugging in your extender and the router – then call up your electrician right away and install a one. And, most importantly – do not place your devices where their WiFi signals are getting interrupted by your neighbouring fibahub WiFi networks.

Plug in Your Devices

After placing your Netgear extender and the router closer – the next step in line to connect them is to plug them in and ensure that their respective wall sockets are providing them a steady power supply.

Don’t have two wall plugs at the same place? Yes? No worries! getv them installed by calling up an electrician.

You are Done!

Now, you need to look for the WPS button on your Netgear WiFi omgblog range extender. Upon finding it – press it and wait for 2 minutes or when you see it’s LED start blinking.

As soon as the Netgear extender’s WPS LED gets stable – look for the WPS button on your Comfast router – press it – and wait till its WPS LED start blinking.

In this way, you can connect your Netgear extender and router using the most simplest yet useful method i.e. the WiFi-Protected Setup Method.

Netgear Extender and Comfast Router Not Working?

“After connecting my devices – when I tried to connect to the Netgear extender default SSID, Netgear_ext, I couldn’t. Then, I realize that – this problem is not just with my Netgear extender. Yes! I am unable to connect to my Comfast router as well – because my devices are not working. Please help!”

Don’t worry! Its normal to encounter with the non-working of the devices issues even after making a successful connection between them. To fix it – we suggest you restart your devices using the instructions given below:

  • Unplug your Netgear extender and Comfast router both. As soon as you unplug them – they will get disconnected automatically.
  • After unplugging them – wait for 5-15 minutes.
  • Now, plug your devices back in. We suggest you plug in your Netgear extender first and after 10-15 seconds – plug in your Comfast router.

Using the instructions outlined above – take the plunge to connect your devices using WPS (wireless) method.


We hope that the troubleshooting hack we have provided above will help you fix Netgear extender and Comfast router not working issue. Also, it is anticipated that the instructions to make a extender and router connection above were easy and helpful and you are able to connect your devices. If yes, then get ready to access the extended internet range and enjoy extra advance features of your devices from any corner of your house.