May 22, 2024

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28 Best Story-Based Games On Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch boasts a plethora of games; nevertheless, these titles are most remarkable for their incredible narrative.

There are a lot of games for the Nintendo Switch, but these ones stand out because of their great stories.

Many types of computer games are available, making it seem like there are an infinite number of them. You could play a town management game or a standard RPG where your goal is to save the world. Though, not every video game story is the same. Which games have the best stories?

We will now talk about the Nintendo Switch games that have the best stories. The stories in these games are deep, varied, and well-developed enough to earn the “best” tag. You’ll be drawn into the world of the game by these stories, eager to see how the plot develops and what lies ahead for the characters.

The World Ends With You – Final Remix

Neku with his hand on CAT wall art in The World Ends With You
How Long To Beat? (Main Story)
17 Hours

The World Ends With You was first released in 2007 for the Nintendo DS. In 2018, the handheld favorite came back to life on the Nintendo Switch. The story is about a young boy named Neku Sakuraba who wakes up in the Reapers’ Game and can’t remember anything.

Neku has to work with other Players, even though he is shy, because he only has seven days to win the Reapers’ Game and get his life back. The story isn’t as long as some RPGs, but it’s powerful and makes you want to explore beyond your own borders, because, as the saying goes, “the world ends with you.”

Endling – Extinction Is Forever

A mother fox and her cubs hiding from a hunter in the woods.
How Long To Beat? (Main Story)
4 Hours

The game Endling: Extinction is Forever is one of a kind because it puts you in the role of a mother fox. You have to help your kids find their way through the world while also trying to stay alive.

The scary truth of destruction will hang over you while you play. For a game that lasts only four hours, you will feel a lot of different things. Like most critics, you may even shed a tear or two.

To The Moon

To The Moon two silhouettes in a lighthouse under the moon
How Long To Beat? (Main Story)
4 Hours

Another short and sweet game is To The Moon. There is a game where you go back in time to grant a dying man’s last wish. These memories won’t be found naturally; instead, they will be put in on purpose.

To The Moon is a short game that came out in 2011 but packs a lot of power. We think you should go into this game without reading too much about it online. To The Moon shines when you don’t know anything about it beforehand!

Kirby And The Forgotten Land

Kirby attacking an enemy
How Long To Beat? (Main Story)
10 Hours

Kirby and the Forgotten Land has a setting that is surprisingly dark for a series that is usually very happy and colorful. It’s not often that a kids’ game will make you feel sorry for the bad guys, but this one does.

Kirby discovers a land where most of the people who lived there before have left. The people who are still there are just looking for the better life they were promised. You will have to fight them. Someone should have told the people who made the Kirby games they could be this deep.

Octopath Traveler 1 & 2

Icewind fight in Octopath Traveler
GameHow Long To Beat? (Main Story)
Octopath Traveler60 Hours
Octopath Traveler II60 Hours

In Octopath Traveler, you can follow the adventures of eight major heroes as they go on a quest across the land that ends with them finding a cult, a lost dark text, and a professor who is stealing. As the game goes on, the lives of all the heroes become really mixed up, and this short summary can’t even begin to do the game justice.

There is a second Octopath Traveler game, which is good news! It’s the same way to play through the stories of eight new characters in this follow-up. Octopath Travel 2 doesn’t feel like a repeat, though, because the story is different, so it’s a new experience.


Oninaki screenshot
How Long To Beat? (Main Story)
19 Hours

Players will enjoy Oninaki’s art and graphics, which look too cute to be true. These are very different from the game’s darker tones and more serious plots. When you play the game, you become a Watcher, a person who keeps the Cycle of Reincarnation safe.

This means helping lost souls find their way and beating monsters with the help of Daemons, which are spirits. The Night Devil is on the loose, and there are more and more questions that need to be answered. It’s up to you to find out what’s really going on in the world of Oninaki.

Xenoblade Chronicles

Shulk, Reyn and Fiora look into the horizon
How Long To Beat? (Main Story)
51 Hours

There are three main fantasy games in the Xenoblade Chronicles series. You can enjoy and discover a huge world in every game. You can play all three games on their own, but the story may be stronger if you play them in the right order.

People remember the first Xenoblade Chronicles game for having a huge number of side quests. The side quests add up to more than 400. There are, in fact, 400 quests to finish, which means you can play for well over 100 hours.

AI: The Somnium Files

ai the somnium files Aiba looking over her shoulder at the viewer in a Somnia
How Long To Beat? (Main Story)
23 Hours

There is a band of assassins on the loose in Tokyo in the near future in AI: The Somnium Files. Special Agent Kaname Date is on the hunt for them. Through “Psyncing,” you can look into suspects’ dreams and find hints and secrets that will help you solve a crime.

Along with the help of Aiba, the AI, Date must explore both the real and dream worlds to find the psychopath and stop him from committing more crimes.

Astral Chain

Astral Chain Protagonist and his Legion
How Long To Beat? (Main Story)
20 Hours

In the future world of Astral Chain, humans are almost extinct, and the few people who are still alive have taken shelter in a city called “The Ark.” They are constantly in danger from Chimeras, which are strange monsters from other dimensions that drag humans to the Astral Plane. These chimeras spread red matter to people and other animals.

The main character joins Neuron, a task force whose job it is to keep the city safe. They use controlled chimeras known as “Legions” in their fight to save people. It’s up to you to save people and figure out what the Astral Plane is hiding.

Breath Of The Wild & Tears Of The Kingdom

Zelda and Link looking out at Hyrule in Breath of the Wild's ending.
GameHow Long To Beat? (Main Story)
Breath of the Wild50 Hours
Tears of the Kingdom59 Hours

There are many stories in The Legend of Zelda, spanning thousands of years and many different times. You can play Breath of the Wild and its straight follow-up, Tears of the Kingdom, on Mario Kart 8 Deluxe.

The stories of these two games take place in a Hyrule that is getting better. Link and Zelda want to beat Ganon for good after the Great Calamity at the beginning of Breath of the Wild. Things don’t always go as planned, though. In Breath of the Wild, your goal is to beat Calamity Ganon. In Tears of the Kingdom, your goal is to figure out what happened to the princess who went missing and why the island is flying.

Fire Emblem: Three Houses

Claude from Fire Emblem Three Houses
How Long To Beat? (Main Story)
49 Hours

When Fire Emblem came back on the Nintendo Switch with Fire Emblem: Three Houses, it was in great shape.The story of this game is great. The main character, Byleth, and his friends try to keep the peace between three countries and figure out secrets from the past at the same time.

The story can go in four different directions, based on which house you choose. You can see things from different points of view and even learn things about the story that you might not have known on your first playing by going down these different paths.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

Geralt fighting an exposed soldier swinging down a sword in an open forest in The Witcher 3, with more guards running from the distance.
How Long To Beat? (Main Story)
51 Hours

That name is so well-known that you may not have even played any of The Witcher games. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is without a question the best game in the series, but they’re all fun to play.

The complete version finally made it to Nintendo Switch, which is great for owners because it lets a lot of new gamers enjoy the game’s deep story. Now you can play as Geralt of Rivia while he looks for Ciri, his young charge, who is running away from the Wild Hunt. Magic and chaos come together to make an amazing game.


Undertale cover
How Long To Beat? (Main Story)
7 Hours

Undertale is a great game that all story-based choice fans will love. You play as a little kid who wakes up in a world full of monsters under a mountain. You have to get out of that world, but along the way you will meet a lot of nice and funny people in an adventure like Alice in Wonderland.

You will find out why the monsters are stuck underground, how they feel about being stuck, and one monster’s plan to get out. There’s a lot of cultural weight behind this being one of the best story games on Switch and one of the best story games of the last ten years.


Owlboy Key Art With Otus Flying
How Long To Beat? (Main Story)
8 Hours

Owlboy is a project that I really care about in every way. The game took almost nine years to make, and it shows in every beautiful setting and small detail. It’s like reading a 2D Pixar movie. There is a young, deaf, and often hurt “Owlboy” called Otus who goes on an adventure to save his village. You could say it’s a coming-of-age story.

A lot of people become his friends along the way, and he learns how strong he really is. At the end of this moving story, you might even start to cry.

Arise: A Simple Story

player standing next to a rock that has a statue on it
How Long To Beat? (Main Story)
4 Hours

The Switch game Arise: A Simple Story is a secret gem. This is a short game with ten platform-style levels where you have to change time to move forward. It is through these parts that you will learn about the main character’s life.

You play as an old man who doesn’t have a name. In each level, there are small cutscenes and landscapes that tell you a lot about his life and the bad things that have happened to him. That’s right, Arise is the best game to cry your eyes out to.

Persona 5 Royal

persona 5 royal joker and morgana from the anime at a club
How Long To Beat? (Main Story)
101 Hours

There’s no need to introduce Persona 5 Royal. You play as Joker, the leader of the Phantom Thieves, in this hugely famous RPG set in Tokyo. For the most part, it takes 100 hours to finish this game, which has a lot of story.

There are interesting people in the world that you can meet and even date, and there is also a story about how power can be abused. Shin Megami Tensei, which is another great series to check out, is where the Persona series got its start.

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy

Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney Trilogy - Phoenix Pointing
How Long To Beat? (Main Story)
60 to 72 Hours

In reality, Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy is a collection of three games that can be played on the Nintendo Switch. You will have to find evidence and run a trial smoothly. You can finish 14 different stories, and each one has an interesting plot.

Instead of a single storyline, each case has its own separate plan. Every case is shorter than a game, but it’s full of interesting people and details that pull you into the story.

I Am Setsuna

i am setsuna cutscene meeting setsuna for the first time
How Long To Beat? (Main Story)
20 Hours

In the famous RPG I Am Setsuna, you play as Endir in a world covered in snow. Your job at the beginning of the game is to eliminate Setsuna, but things don’t go as planned. You, Setsuna, and a group of people will need to go out into the world and fight enemies while learning more about yourself and Setsuna.

The pictures in this game are stunning, and the piano music that plays in the background is truly magical. The story makes you feel things and is told well. It’s a bit shorter than most RPGs, which makes it great for people who are new to the genre.


Transistor artwork featuring Red and the sword
How Long To Beat? (Main Story)
6 Hours

It’s a Supergiant game, which means it was made by the same people who made Hades. From the very beginning, Transistor puts you in a creepy, future city full of dangerous enemies and forgotten pasts.

Even though the game is short and sweet, you might cry a little at the end. The story is great, but the fighting in Transistor is even better. You don’t have to rush in swinging because you have time to plan your approach and the best thing to do.


Spiritfarer Gwen and Stella Says Goodbye On A Red River With Pink Leaves Behind Them
How Long To Beat? (Main Story)
25 Hours

Spiritfarer is based on a simple idea: bring the dead to the future. Spiritfarer is a “cozy management game about dying” that puts you in the role of Stella. You can do more than just ferry the dead. You can also gather supplies, cook, and decorate your boat.

There is stuff that needs to be worked through with every spirit you meet. After you’ve helped the spirit with their issues, you’ll take them to the next world. Even so, it’s easier than it sounds. As Space Bar Clicker game goes on, you care more and more about each spirit. Every time you take a soul through the Everdoor, you will probably cry.

The Walking Dead

Lee and the season one characters looking in the distance in Telltale's The Walking Dead
How Long To Beat? (Main Story)
12 Hours

A lot of us have heard of the TV show The Walking Dead. You can play Telltale’s The Walking Dead, which is based on a different group of people, along with the show. Every decision you make will matter, instead of just following a story that has already been written. What you do can change how the game ends and how likely you are to stay alive.

There are different parts of The Walking Dead that tell different parts of the story. The good news is that every part of the story is available on the Switch, so you can enjoy the whole thing!

Final Fantasy 10

Final Fantasy 10 Cover Featuring Of Tidus
How Long To Beat? (Main Story)
46 Hours

Everyone knows the Final Fantasy games. You can find RPGs, MMOs, and even a few mobile games in it. Final Fantasy 10 is one of the best Final Fantasy games you can play on the Nintendo Switch.

You have friends like Yuna, Rikku, and Lulu in this game; all three of them also appear in the sequel, Final Fantasy 10. You can fly through time as Tidus and discover the world of Spira. You can also fall in love.


Hades Title Art
How Long To Beat? (Main Story)
22 Hours

Hades is a rogue-like dungeon crawler game made by Supergiant Games that takes place in the huge Underworld. In spite of your dad Hades, you will go through the Underworld as Zagreus to get to the top.

Even though Hades is a rogue-like, the story will get better with each run. The first Supergiant game on our list was Transistor. This is the second one. On the whole, Supergiant Games makes great games with great music and great stories.

The House In Fata Morgana

Silver Haired Man in The House In Fata Morgana
How Long To Beat? (Main Story)
29 Hours

When you play Fata Morgana, the House is a break from the action that puts you in a mystery-filled visual novel. This game is not set in just one time era. Instead, you play through five different times, from 1099 to 1630.

You definitely shouldn’t play this game if you want to have a good time. A lot of people say that The House in Fata Morgana is “emotionally devastating,” so bring tissues with you.


Amaterasu and Issun in Okami
How Long To Beat? (Main Story)
33 Hours

After 12 years, Okami finally came out on the Nintendo Switch. It first came out in 2006 for the PlayStation 2. You play as the Japanese goddess Amaterasu in this game. She looks like a dog.

The art style in this game is very different. You control a wolf in a 3D world, but the art style looks like ink-wash painting, which was famous in China and Japan decades ago. Okami is a game that lets you learn about Japanese culture and myths. Lore and a sometimes funny plot are woven together so well in the story that the game is very engaging.

Night In The Woods

Night in the Woods - Mae And Gregg Riding A Bike During A Sunset
How Long To Beat? (Main Story)
8 Hours

The short and sweet game Night in the Woods puts you in the shoes of Mae Borowski, who just quit college and moved back home. You will learn about Mae’s life as you walk around the small town.

Someone who reviewed the game on Steam said that it changed them as a person because of how powerful the story is. This amount of impact is what you can expect from the Switch version of Night in the Woods!

Life Is Strange: True Colors

Alex in front of some flowers.
How Long To Beat? (Main Story)
10 Hours

As part of the well-known Life Is Strange series of story-driven adventure games, Life is Strange: True Colors is one of them. You will play as Alex Chen in True Colors. You can see a picture of him above.

You will have chances to answer a mystery about Alex’s past as the game goes on. To help you along the way, you can use her empathy to understand how other people are feeling. If you really like True Colors, you should check out the other Life Is Strange games for the Nintendo Switch.


sumire official art showing main character running forward-1
How Long To Beat? (Main Story)
3 Hours

Sumire is the last one. This is the shortest game on our list, and it’s all about the main character, Sumire. That cute little girl will need to do certain things that a ghost told her to do so that her “most desired wish” could come true.

From the beginning to the end, Sumire makes you feel things. The graphics are great for the game and make it feel “dreamy.” The story is also very good. You can look forward to a story that stays with you for a long time.