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Ranking 26 Best Light Armor Sets In Skyrim

Even though light armor has a bad name in Skyrim, it does have some good points, especially for players who want to be sneaky.

Even though light armor has a bad name in Skyrim, it does have some good points, especially for players who want to be sneaky.

Light armor is the second type of armor in The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim. It is light and quick to move. Due to its much lower armor grade, light armor is often overlooked by players as not good enough. However, it does have some benefits. When playing Skyrim, light armor is best for players who want to stay quick and like to play sneaky or quick characters from a distance. The best light armor sets in Skyrim can really change the game and give you some amazing benefits if you get the right skill tree perks.

It’s true that light armor doesn’t have the best defenses, but players can still use these sets to make their own unique playthroughs that don’t involve Daedric armor for what seems like hours and hours. Skyrim has a lot of different sets of light armor that look cool and work well, which helps.

Fur Armor

Skyrim Fur Armor

When it comes to realism, Skyrim’s fur armor is likely the most beautiful light armor. This armor is very Skyrim-like, but it’s also one of the weakest in the game. A set of fur armor can be made a little better with changes.

Fur armor is easy to get and available at the start of the game, which is a good thing. However, it can’t be made and Skyrim shopkeepers don’t usually sell it.

Vampire Royal Armor

Vampire Armor Set in Skyrim

The Dawnguard update for Skyrim is one of the best add-ons for the game. It adds vampires and a lot of new places and enemies for the player to explore. As expected, players can also get a lot of new gear. For light armor fans, the Vampire Armor set is a good choice.

This armor is by far the best of the bunch. When worn as a set, the Royal version gives 45 points of armor. This set of light armor might not be the most useful, but it looks great, which makes it perfect for players who don’t care much about defense and just want their Dragonborn to look good.

Skaal Armor

Two tribesmen in Skaal Village

Skaal is a town added by the Dragonborn expansion where players can cover up against the cold by wearing cool fur armor. People who want this armor have to fight to eliminate a good NPC and then take the armor from their bodies.

Even though the armor doesn’t offer great defense, it does have a unique look that makes it worth getting for fans of the style. People can look around Fahlbtharz or Highpoint Tower instead of shooting innocent people to get this gear.

Armor Of The Old Gods

Skyrim Armor Of The Old Gods

A player should sometimes keep an eye on more than just their armor grade in a game. For that reason, any armor is useful in its own right, and Armor of the Old Gods is a pretty useful piece of armor that players can use early in their run.

The Dragonborn’s magicka pool grows by 30 points, sneaking gets better, and damage from bows goes up. The cost of destruction spells goes down. To put it simply, this set of armor makes stealth archery and throwing spells a lot more fun and useful.

Forsworn Armor

Skyrim Forsworn Armor On Serana

There’s Forsworn gear, which is one of a kind but still fits in with Skyrim’s wilds theme. Another set of armor that’s pretty easy to find early in the game. However, because of Briarhearts, it’s not a good idea to go up against some Forsworn camps when you’re low on levels.

You can steal a full set of Forsworn armor from most Forsworn at any camp in the Reach. Because its protection isn’t very good, it’s near the bottom of the list for light armor.

Morag Tong Armor

Skyrim Morag Tong Armor

For people who have the Dragonborn DLC, this may look like the Chitin armor. The darker color on the face, on the other hand, shows that it is Morag Tong assassin gear, which you can find in Ashfallow Citadel or steal from an assassin in Solstheim.

Even though it’s not craftable, this is one of the best sets of light armor for assassins in Skyrim, and it’s not hard to find. The player will have 53 defense points after getting the whole set.

Hide Armor

Skyrim Hide Armor

You can easily find hide armor in Skyrim, both in loot and in shops. It is one of the most basic and old sets of light armor you can get. It can also be made by anyone, even if they aren’t good at Smithing, and it needs leather and leather strips.

The full set gives the player 55 armor when worn with a shield, which is a bit better than the Morag Tong assassin’s armor. It can be found in the base game.

Shrouded Armor

Skyrim Shrouded Armor

This set of skin-tight armor is given to people who join the Dark Brotherhood. It’s generally magically enhanced with strong skills that both criminals and thieves can use. Once the group is joined, this set will show up a lot, and other versions will also be for sale.

In fact, some different models say that their base armor rating is around 72, but the standard version is still 58. This is the best set of light armor in Skyrim for criminals.

Thieves Guild Armor

A Khajiit in Thieves Guild armor

The Thieves Guild is one of many groups that players can join if they want to go on one of the game’s many unique quests with interesting characters. When players join the guild, they can not only use a fence, but they can also get a pretty cool set of light armor!

Once the quest Loud and Clear starts, players can also go to Riften and get a whole set from the fence there. It’s one of the easier sets of armor to get in the game, has pretty good defenses, and is great for players who want to quickly heal themselves in battle.

Ancient Falmer Armor

Skyrim Ancient Falmer Armor

This is one of Skyrim’s most unique sets of light armor. It can’t be made, but moonstone ore can be used to improve it over time. The Ancient Falmer Armor looks cool; it almost looks like a mix of an Ebony armor set and an Elven armor set.

You have to get the Dawnguard DLC and beat Arch-Curate Vyrthur during the quest Touching the Sky in order to get this light armor set. If you loot his body, you’ll find this beautiful, one-of-a-kind set that gives you 60 protection.

Dawnguard Armor

Skyrim Dawnguard Armor Light

The Dawnguard DLC adds a new group of people to the game who fight against the Volkihar vampires’ rise. Recruits can pick either a heavy or a light armor set. The light set is a slightly changed version of the heavy set. It’s simple to get and easy to find. You can even buy it again, but you can’t make it.

The full set of light armor gives the player an armor value of 61, which is about average for light armor in Skyrim. In no way is it useless, but if you know where to look, you can find much better things.

Scaled Armor

Skyrim Scaled Armor

Scadded armor is another type of light armor that you can get from the base game. You can find it in loot or even on most robbers’ bodies. If the player can’t find it, they can also make one if their Smithing skill is at least level 50 and the Advanced Armors perk is enabled.

Corundum ingot, leather, leather strips, and steel ingot are all needed for the process. Scaled armor gives the player an armor rating of about 64 when they wear the whole set. This makes it a mid-tier light armor set in the end.

Imperial Light Armor

Skyrim Imperial Light Armor

One of the small benefits of joining the Imperial Legion is being able to get the Imperial Light Armor set. The Dragonborn can get this armor pretty quickly in the game as they run away from Helgen. If you have the Steel Smithing skill, you can also make it.

Putting on the full set of Imperial Light protection and a shield will give the person 68 protection. It’s not even close to being the best light armor set in Skyrim, but it can be very helpful sometimes.

Nightingale Armor

Skyrim Nightingale Armor

If players want to get two sets of special light armor for the price of one quest line, the Thieves Guild is one of the best groups to join. They will finally get both the Guild Master’s armor and the Nightingale set, which is one of the coolest sets of light armor in the whole game.

This set will be given to them late in the Thieves Guild’s main quest after they join the Nightingales and do Daedric Prince Nocturnal’s orders. The Nightingale light armor set is one of the best light armor sets in Skyrim. It can be improved with Void Salts, and when worn as a whole, it has an armor rating of 69.

Linwe’s Armor

Linwe's Armor Set in Skyrim

Through the Thieves Guild, players can get different sets of light armor. This one-of-a-kind set, on the other hand, is pretty useful and, surprisingly, more geared toward fighting than pure stealth.

Either eliminate Linwe from the Thieves Guild and steal from her, or pickpocket her. This is the only way to get her special set of armor in the game. When the Dragonborn wears this whole set, their energy goes up, they can sneak better, and they do more damage with both one-handed swords and bows.

Blackguard’s Armor

Blackguard's Armor in Skyrim

Once you join the Thieves Guild, you can also get the Blackguard’s Armor, which is a unique set of armor. This can be found in Glover Mallory’s basement in a show case. It’s a great piece of armor because it has a lot of buffs.

There is more stuff that can be carried, pickpocketing and lockpicking are more likely to work, and things can be bought and sold for more money. Before players can get this piece of armor, they have to finish the quest Paid in Full.

Ancient Shrouded Armor

Skyrim Ancient Shrouded Armor

In Skyrim, unique light armor is all the rage, and the Ancient Shrouded Armor set is no different. At the end of a Dark Brotherhood quest, you can find this armor on the body of the assassin in a secret room behind the throne in Hag’s End.

The whole set protects the Dragonborn from poison, muffles their footsteps, raises the damage done by bows, and doubles the damage done by sneak attacks with one-handed weapons. It’s a lot of fun to sneak around and beat enemies up with the Ancient Shrouded armor set.

Guild Master’s Armor

Skyrim Guild Master Armor

Once you have the Nightingale armor, you can move on to the Guild Master’s armor set, which looks a little less cool but is still very good. It is much better than the Nightingale set in terms of armor rating alone. Plus, it’s easier to get better with leather alone.

Not only do players have to finish the Thieves Guild’s main quest, but they also have to run a few jobs for Delvin and Vex to bring the guild back to its former glory. She will then give them this set of armor, which has a grade of 76 and is one of the best light armor sets in Skyrim.

Deathbrand Armor

Skyrim Deathbrand Armor

Haknir Death-Brand wore this one-of-a-kind set of light armor. There are four chests with pieces in them, which makes the quest kind of like a treasure hunt. There is a pretty nice prize at the end.

The Deathbrand Armor has great stats, and it also has some special bonuses that only Dragonborn can get. With each piece of Deathbrand Armor worn, a player gains more stamina, the ability to carry more items, and damage from one-handed weapons. On top of everything else, the Deathbrand Helm has the ability to breathe water.

Gilded Elven Armor

Elven Armor - Skyrim Best Common Armor

It’s hard to believe that Elven Armor is only 10 pounds. It’s one of the coolest-looking sets of armor in the game. This is the armor that soldiers in Thalmor wear. It has great defense, which makes it one of the best sets of light armor in the game.

As the game gets harder, it’s clear why players have to fight enemies who wear this armor. The Gilded Elven Armor chest piece is especially useful. Those who wear it look very intimidating and can easily defend themselves against most tough threats.

Chitin Armor

Skyrim Chitin Armor

Not to be confused with the Morag Tong armor, the Chitin armor looks a lot like it, but it is more red. This armor is part of the Dragonborn DLC and can be found in different places around Solstheim. It can also be made by a player with the Elven Smithing perk unlocked and a Smithing level of 30 or higher.

To make it, you need Netch leather, Chitin plate, and an iron ingot. It has an 85 armor rating when it comes as a full set with a shield, which is pretty close to low-end heavy armor rates. Because of this, it’s one of the best sets of light armor in Skyrim.

Dark Seducer Armor

A Dark Seducer in Skyrim

Even though the name of this armor makes you cringe, the quests that come with the Creation Club mod that includes it are pretty good. The Dark Seducers are introduced. They are Daedra that look like humans and worship and follow the Mad God Sheogorath.

Due to their high level, only Dragonborn at a high level should fight the Dark Seducers. The armor they drop has good defenses. So players who want to wear light armor with good defenses should do so.

Glass Armor Set

Skyrim Glass Armor

It may sound like glass isn’t very useful for making, but in Skyrim, glass armor is the third-best light armor you can get in the base game. It shows up a lot in loot around level 36 or even lower. A lot of shops will also have pieces of it in stock. Besides that, a player with level 70 Smithing and the Glass Smithing perk can make it.

For the recipe, you’ll need leather, leather strips, refined moonstone, and refined malachite. If a person buys this set with a shield, their armor level will go from over 100 to 103, making it one of the best light armor sets in all of Skyrim.

Stalhrim Light Armor

Skyrim Stahlrim Light Armor

Stalhrim is a new ore that was added in the Dragonborn DLC. It can be used to make both heavy and light armor sets. You can buy the armor from different NPCs in Solstheim, and it will also drop as loot around level 35. To make one from scratch, you need to be Level 80 in Smithing and have the Ebony Smithing perk.

You will need Stalhrim, leather strips, steel ingots, and quicksilver ingots for the process. As long as the player has a shield, they should have 108 armor when they wear the whole set. It’s the second-best light armor set in Skyrim because it got such a high score.

Dragonscale Armor

Skyrim Dragonscale Armor Set

The Dragonscale armor set is without a question the best light armor set in Skyrim. It’s likely that the Daedric kind’s light armor would be better than this one. But those who wear light armor will have to make do. You won’t find this gear very often in loot, so making it is usually the better choice.

With the Dragon Armor perk unlocked and Smithing level 100, a player can use Dragon Scale to make a full set of armor. The set, which comes with a shield, has a rating of about 111, which is good enough for heavy armor standards. It is the best and ultimate light armor set in Skyrim.

Amber Armor

Full Suit Of Amber Armor From The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim

Since the Creation Club came out, players can now make and wear new weapons. There are also now a lot of light armor sets in Basket Random, like the Amber Armor set, which looks great and gives players very high defenses to help them face the many enemies they’ll face in the endgame.

Fans have a lot of problems with the Creation Club, but they can’t deny that the game is a lot of fun to play because of all the carefully chosen material. Some of the changes are mostly cosmetic, though. The fact that this pack is free with the Special Edition of the game is an added treat.