May 22, 2024

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Stardew Valley: Top 22 Highest-Rated Nexus Mods

A lot of people have played Stardew Valley on Nexus Mods. This list shows some of the best and most popular mods for the app.

A lot of people have played Stardew Valley on Nexus Mods. This list shows some of the best and most popular mods for the app.

Since the beginning, modders have been very helpful with Stardew Valley. A one-man development team called ConcernedApe makes it a point to work with mods. It’s not that the game is lacking information, but there are a lot of fan-made add-ons. Mods can change anything from sprites to adding whole new characters.

Stardew Valley is a well-known and simple to use game, so it can be hard to find the right mods. Should they start by making small changes to the way the game is played or go for updates that add hours of playtime? Nexus, a well-known mod site, has a lot of recommendations that can help you figure out which mods are the best.

Loved Labels

Endorsements: 16,620

Stardew Valley Loved Labels Mod
  • Creator: Advize and Jinxiewinxie

Players will need to make friends with their animals more in order to get better animal goods and make more money. This means that players need to pet their pets every day to make sure they get enough love.

On large farms, on the other hand, it’s simple to forget which animal was pet that day. Users of the Loved Labels mod can see which animals still need love and which ones have already been touched that day. You can use this Stardew Valley mod on your farm pet too.

Experience Bars

Endorsements: 24,554

Stardew Valley XP Bars Mod
  • Creator: spacechase0

For new Stardew Valley players, the most important thing is to get experience. It helps players get better at important skills, get access to professions, earn recipes, and farm and do other things more quickly. But it can be hard to keep track of that experience because the game doesn’t have a clear XP bar.

Adding much more exact and detailed experience tracking bars to the game is what the Experience Bars mod does. Every time a player wants to move up in a certain skill, they can see how much they’ve learned and how much they still need to learn. This Stardew Valley mod is very helpful.

Better Artisan Good Icons

Endorsements: 28,973

  • Creator: Cat

In Stardew Valley, players can use different things to make a lot of different kinds of food. Some players find it annoying that even though their traits may be different, the icon in the game that represents them is always the same.

If you add the Better Artisan Good Icons hack, this problem will no longer happen. It gives wines, jelly, honey, pickles, and juice different colored pictures based on the raw material they’re made from, which is obviously helpful.

Canon-Friendly Dialogue Expansion

Endorsements: 30,334

Stardew-Valley-Marriage-Shane (1)
  • Creator: Ben and ParadigmNomad

The people in Stardew Valley are all great, and players will love talking to them. Helping these people and getting close to them makes their hearts beat faster, which can lead to anything from stronger friendships to full-on romances.

But people who have played the game before may quickly notice that some figures keep saying the same thing. No need to worry about this if you use the Canon-Friendly conversation Expansion mod. It gives every major NPC in the game over 2600 lines of conversation.

Chests Anywhere

Endorsements: 34,234

Stardew Valley Chest Contents Mod
  • Creator: Pathoschild

Walking around a lot to get to different containers and boxes is one of the more annoying things about Stardew Valley. No matter where you are, this Chests Anywhere mod lets you open your chests and other objects, like the fridge.

Players can open any of their containers while they’re fishing on the beach or exploring in the mines. This saves them a lot of time. This Stardew Valley mod is very useful now that Ginger Island has been added.

Better Ranching

Endorsements: 35,359

Stardew Valley Player Inside Barn Mod
  • Creator: Urbanyeti

A big part of the game is taking care of cows and sheep, but it can get really frustrating when players try to cut or milk their farm animals. It’s possible for players to miss the goal and do the animation without getting anything in return.

When players are ready to do these things, the Better Ranching mod will let them know exactly when. Don’t stand there and try to milk or split the air anymore! It’s a change that would make life better and should be in the game by default.

Seasonal Outfits

Endorsements: 41,201

Stardew Valley Winter Mystery Krobus Location
  • Creator: Poltergeister and various artists

Stardew Valley has many seasons, which makes the game’s beautiful visuals stand out even more. On the other hand, most of the characters in the town don’t change their clothes based on the weather, which is a shame.

With the Seasonal Outfits mod, this part of the game’s realism is improved. This season, everyone will wear a different outfit. This is a simple but welcome addition to a game that sells itself a lot on its charm.

Stardew Valley Anime Mod

Endorsements: 41,912

Stardew Valley Anime Portrait Mod
  • Creator: OhoDavi

If players are sick of seeing the same picture of Pelican Town’s old figures, they should try the Stardew Valley Anime Mod. This totally changes the characters’ portraits to one that looks more like anime, which is great for people who like anime shows.

Even though the change is clear, each character still looks like they always have, making them easy to know. So players won’t get lost when this Stardew Valley mod is on because they’ll know who they’re talking to or romancing.

Winter Grass

Endorsements: 52,936

Stardew Valley Winter Grass Mod
  • Creator: Cat

Grass plants die in Stardew Valley’s winter. It makes sense, but it’s a pain for people who love animals. There will be a lot of grass to plant again in the spring, and it will take a while for the field to grow back. Farms that don’t have a Silo have to buy hay from Marnie, which costs a lot.

The Cat’s Winter Grass mod makes the grass stronger. During the winter, it won’t grow, but it can be reaped and grazed. The grass sprite also changes to a cool blue color that fits the season, which is a nice touch.

Skull Cavern Elevator

Endorsements: 58,021

Stardew Valley Skull Cavern Elevator Mod
  • Creator: Lestoph

There is a lift in the Stardew Valley mine that takes players to every fifth floor they’ve been to. This is not in Skull Cavern in the Calico Desert. So, every time a player goes digging, they have to start from the very first floor. The Skull Cavern is already painful enough without this.

There is no doubt that the Skull Cavern Elevator mod does what it says it will do. It makes the Skull Cavern bigger by adding a lift. Dr. Harvey will likely like it when he has to go back to the ground many times to help farmers who have passed out.

Gift Taste Helper

Endorsements: 59,519

Gift Taste Helper Menu Stardew Valley Best Mods
  • Creator: Tyler

Everyone who plays will love the Gift Taste Helper if they are tired of having a Wiki window open all the time. When you move your mouse over a character’s social page entry, this Stardew Valley mod shows a tooltip with a list of their best gifts. Yes, it’s an easy mod, but it works.

You can also play in “progression” mode. The description for favorite gifts will only show up if the player has already given the gift. This mod works with all languages, so it’s good for all types of players.


Endorsements: 65,533

Stardew Valley Automate Mod
  • Creator: Pathoschild

Have you ever used a Hopper to automatically cook or make in Minecraft? It’s a lot like the Automate mod. Putting a chest next to a machine like a furnace will send goods back into the chest after taking out raw materials. One chest can be linked to more than one machine, and paths can join things that are far apart.

Chests can connect to a lot more than just tools that make things. Any kind of fruit tree, bee house, or wild berry bush will do. It also works with a lot of other homemade machine Stardew Valley mods.

UI Info Suite

Endorsements: 66,072

Stardew Valley UI Info Mod Cropped
  • Creator: Cdaragorn

The person who made UI Info Suite says it’s “designed to help players know what’s going on without feeling like they’re cheating.” That last part might be personal, but this mod is definitely useful. It changes many things about farmers’ quality of life in ways that will make them wonder how they ever got by before.

This Stardew Valley mod can show an icon above animals that aren’t petted, items that are needed for bundles, experienced gains, and the watering range when putting sprinklers, among other things. There are different changes that can be turned on or off by the person.

Tractor Mod

Endorsements: 67,057

Stardew Valley Tractor Mod
  • Creator: Pathoschild

When you till the ground by hand, it feels a little too Stone Age. Farmers in the 21st century should check out the Tractor Mod. For a small wealth in Iridium and Gold, Robin can build a garage that comes with a tractor. Though it’s mostly endgame material, it really speeds up farming.

The Tractor does more than just till; it also plants, harvests, and waters, based on which tool is chosen. If you have a physical weapon on, running over monsters will hurt them. It is turned off by default because it is “overpowered and not recommended [for] a balanced playthrough.” It sounds like a lot of fun, though.

Generic Mod Config Menu

Endorsements: 76,570

Generic Mod Config Menu mod for Stardew Valley
  • Creator: spacechase0

Any modder would attest to the fact that having

Making it possible to set up a mod from within the game is a great feature that any modder will agree on. This is why a lot of Stardew Valley mods work with the Generic Mod Config Menu.

Like the name says, this mod adds a part to the menu that lets players change the variables of any fan-made content and changes made to the game. Without much thought, it’s clear why this mod is so useful: players don’t want to leave Stardew Valley every time they want to make a small change or something similar.

Farm Type Manager (FTM)

Endorsements: 82,679

Stardew-Valley-Silo (1)
  • Creator: Esca-MMC

This mod is great for people who have played Stardew Valley a lot and don’t want to start from scratch with a farm. Many players have already spent hundreds of hours on Stardew Valley and don’t want to play the early game again and again. This could be seen as cheating.

People can quickly change how their game looks with this great but simple mod. This tool, FTM, can be a real blessing for people as long as they don’t care about doing the right thing.

Lookup Anything

Endorsements: 84,413

Stardew Valley Lookup Anything Mod
  • Creator: Pathoschild

Do you notice a pattern? A lot of Stardew Valley mods give the player more control by giving them extra details. Check out Anything is the most important change of them all. They really mean everything they say.

If you point the cursor at something and press F1, its info will be shown. The mod shows what characters would like as gifts, the numbers of monsters, and how long a fence will last before it falls apart. It also lets you “mine” data, which shows you the raw code to help you make your own changes. Like Gift Taste Helper, it has a mode where you can get better.

Stardew Valley Expanded

Endorsements: 94,980

Stardew Valley Expanded Mod
  • Creator: FlashShifter

There are a lot of famous mods for Stardew Valley, but SVE is very different from them. Most of them are small changes to the game or to the quality of life. Meanwhile, SVE adds a lot of new content, including 24 new NPCs and what are said to be 30 extra hours of play.

There’s a lot in this Stardew Valley mod. It doesn’t just add new characters; it also adds new fish, more farm setups, and a new JojaMart story. The person who made Flash says that they want to “give the player the magical feeling they had when they first played Stardew Valley.” And it’s not even done yet; new versions come out all the time.

CJB Cheats Menu & Item Spawner

Endorsements: 121,768

Stardew Valley CJB Cheats Mod
  • Creator: CJBok and Pathoschild

This article talks about two different Stardew Valley mods, but they were both made by the same person and work in the same way. The item spawner, well, spawns things. You can give away any item in Tunnel Rush, and the quality can be changed.

There’s more to do in the cheats menu. Of course there are cheats like “free money” and “max friendship.” But some of the “cheats” are really just small changes. When players enter a building, time stops, which happens a lot in the Story of Seasons games. There are some people who are upset that this isn’t in Stardew Valley. You can add this through the CJB Cheats Menu.

NPC Map Locations

Endorsements: 149,570

Stardew Valley NPC Map Mod
  • Creator: Bouhm and Pathoschild

Over 45,000 people have backed this Stardew Valley mod, and it has been downloaded 2.3 million times. It’s a simple mod that shows where each character is right now when you open the map. It can be annoying to find certain people in town, so this is a huge help. It’s not even close to being a cheat, since it’s such a small change.

This mod is different in a lot of small ways. There is a minimap function built in. Along with mods that change characters’ sprites, this one can also be used with many mods that change colors. It also keeps track of people, which is helpful in multiplayer mode.

SMAPI – Stardew Modding API

Endorsements: 170,140

Image of a character picking up some duck mayonnaise in Stardew Valley
  • Creator: Pathoschild

A mod driver is needed for games that have a lot of mods to make sure that the fan-made content works as well as possible. This rule applies to all games, including Stardew Valley. If you try to change this game without a program like this, you might end up with problems that aren’t necessary.

So, the first thing any Stardew Valley player should do is download SMAPI. This is a mod loader that makes it possible for all fan content to work together without any problems. Also, it doesn’t turn off any achievements, which is always a good thing.

Content Patcher

Endorsements: 201,670

Image of a character standing between two buildings with some secret statues in Stardew Valley
  • Creator: Pathoschild

The best mods are sometimes the ones that make it easy to add fan-made material to games. As simple as it gets, the Content Patcher mod adds something to the game. But there’s a genius to this simplicity that lets players do complicated programming tasks without knowing how to do them.

Because there are so many content pack mods for the game, it’s important to use the Content Patcher to add all of these extra things without any problems. Even though it looks like a simple mod, its purpose is very useful, which is why players have praised it so much. It’s interesting that most Stardew Valley mods depend on the Content Patcher to be added to the game.