May 22, 2024

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25 Best Project Zomboid Mods Available Right Now

Project Zomboid is already a lot of survival horror fun, but these mods take the open-world horror experience to the next level.

Even without these changes, the indie game Project Zomboid is a lot of fun for survival horror fans.

A lot of test games don’t do well when they come out for a variety of reasons. Luckily, this didn’t happen to Project Zomboid. Instead, it did really well in this test stage, winning over a lot of fans who love everything about this open-world survival horror game. There are so many fans of this series that players have made a lot of changes to make the experience even better.

People can download a lot of great mods that will make their Project Zomboid experiences better. If you want to get more out of playing Project Zomboid, these mods are a great way to do it. They add new gameplay features and make the experience feel fresh. Different players may have different experiences with these mods, but there’s no denying that if players like the changes, these mods make Project Zomboid a lot of fun to play on their own.

Dan’s Rebalance

Downloads: 899

a snippet from Project Zomboid
  • Creator: thedanofdans

When players fully understand how Project Zomboid works, it’s clear that some jobs would be better than others. A player may get stuck in the game if they keep using the same plan in the hopes of getting better at it.

With Dan’s Rebalance, players can make jobs they didn’t think much about much more useful than they were before. For people who think they’ve seen everything Project Zomboid has to offer, this can make the game feel new again.

Olfurinars Plasma Blade – The Lightsaber Reinvented

Downloads: 1,800

Olfurinars Plasma Blade - the Lightsaber re-invented mod for Project Zomboid
  • Creator: Olfurinar

Project Zomboid might be a scary game… But that doesn’t mean that players don’t want to live out their greatest dreams in the game. This mod knows what it’s supposed to do and adds a new weapon to the game that looks like a Star Wars sword.

This plasma blade is pretty strong, and it feels real to use, even if it doesn’t seem to belong in the game. It’s great for Project Zomboid fans who want to add a sci-fi twist to their game and enjoy the fun of using a sword in a zombie-filled world.

Exp Recovery

Downloads: 2,231

Books in Project Zomboid
  • Creator: Vishnya

If players want to get better at Project Zomboid, they can look through the many skill books that are in the game. One problem with this game is that it’s easy to miss out on perk experience if players get good early on. This makes reading a book a little less useful than it should be.

With the Exp Recovery mod, this problem is solved. This mod adds a small but necessary change to the game that stops players from losing important perk experience for a number of reasons. Reading a book is more interesting and useful than ever before, which makes it less of a bother for players who think they should be rewarded for practicing a skill before sitting down to read a book in the most boring way possible.

Fur Clothes

Downloads: 2,376

Snow in Project Zomboid
  • Creator: Dudeman325

Project Zomboid is a survival game, so players need to always keep an eye on their temperatures. A few pieces of warm clothing can do the trick, but some people might want a little more variety when it comes to Project Zomboid’s warm clothes.

This group of players will love the Fur Clothes mod. This lets them make warm clothes out of rabbit or squirrel fur, which helps them deal with the cold nights. This mod is easy to use and works well, making it great for players who put immersion above all else.

Chip A Stone Mod

Downloads: 2,446

A chipped stone in Project Zomboid
  • Creator: Wayward Paladin

Mods that are easy to use can sometimes be the best ones. This description does a great job of describing how the Chip a Stone mod works.

Should a player have a hammer in their backpack, this mod lets them break rocks. There’s not much to this mod, but it makes the game’s features more logical and makes the experience more immersive… even though the change is pretty normal.

Braven’s Bicycles

Downloads: 3,048

Braven's Bicycles in Project Zomboid
  • Creator: BitBraven

Project Zomboid has huge areas that can be explored in a lot of different ways. One thing that most people have noticed is that the game does not have any bicycles. This can be pretty strange, especially since this way of getting around should be very useful since it’s so hard to get any kind of gas during a zombie apocalypse.

Therefore, it makes sense that modders chose to take over in this area instead. Most people would guess that Braven’s Bicycles does exactly what it says it does: it adds a lot of useful bicycles that players can use to quickly move around the game’s map and avoid zombies if they get caught in a horde. This is an easy but welcome addition to the game for those who want to get as lost in the experience as possible and think bikes belong in the game world.

Craftable Molotov Cocktails

Downloads: 3,913

Craftable Molotov Cocktails mod for Project Zomboid
  • Creator: Giulianosse

In Project Zomboid, players used to be able to make Molotov bombs if they had the right tools. But for some reason, this very useful method was taken out of later versions of the game.

Because of this change, it shouldn’t be a wonder what the Craftable Molotov Cocktails mod aims to do. It lives up to its name by letting players make these throwables again to fight a huge group of zombies.

Torch Mod

Downloads: 3,951

Night gameplay in Project Zomboid
  • Creator: adres4t

One of the most important parts of Project Zomboid is crafting. But some people would like to have more choices when they make things in the game.

In this way, the Torch mod is great. It should have a pretty simple job: it lets players add a torch that they can make to the game to light up the dark… Of course.

Homemade Bats

Downloads: 4,235

Combat in Project Zomboid
  • Creator: Dudeman325

Most players who join multiplayer sites will find that most of the game’s resources have already been taken. This makes it very hard to stay alive in the game when there are hordes of zombies around.

This problem is fixed by the Homemade Bats mod, thank goodness. It gives players the chance to make bats and clubs out of ordinary items, giving them more tools to use in the game.

Show Skill XP Gain

Downloads: 4,276

Person exercising
  • Creator: Kaedius

People who don’t like how unclear it is in Project Zomboid how much skill XP they earn will be happy with this mod. It gives the game a new feature that shows how much skill XP each player has earned while playing.

Of course, some stats, like Strength, Fitness, and different weapon skills, level up too often, which could cause this notice to keep annoying players. The person who made the mod knows about this problem and has posted different versions of it to help players.

Literature And Magazines

Downloads: 4,398

Literature And Magazines mod for Project Zomboid
  • Creator: MrJ4ne2

At first glance, the Literature and Magazines mod may seem like an easy one, but what makes it so great is the amazing attention to detail that went into making it. To begin with, this mod adds more than 1100 books to the game, which is a crazy amount by itself.

Another cool thing about this mod is that some of these books can boost your character’s stats, which is helpful on its own. Let’s just say that the Literature and Magazines mod is great for gamers who love games with lots of little details.

Special Emergency Vehicles And FBI For Filibuster Rhymes’ Used Cars

Downloads: 4,595

Special Emergency Vehicles and FBI for Filibuster Rhymes' Used Cars mod for Project Zomboid
  • Creator: Asierus24, Ferengario

This mod makes the game better by adding new cars, including police cars and trucks for emergencies. These cars make getting around the game world faster and safer, and they also add more variety to the game.

This mod has everything a player needs to add new cars and NPCs to their copy of Project Zomboid. Even though it’s not a completely new or exciting mod, any addition that makes the game more fun is always welcome.

Enhanced Zoom

Downloads: 4,608

Person farming
  • Creator: herbsandspices

The view that Project Zomboid usually gives is pretty good on its own. PC gamers who like to change things about their games would also want to change the zoom level. The Enhanced Zoom mod does the same thing, letting players zoom in and out of the world of the game as they please.

Players can change the zoom level of the camera with this mod to see more or less of what’s going on around them. This mod is great for gamers who want to have more control over the camera and make their gameplay more unique.


Downloads: 5,364

Project Zomboid
  • Creator: CynicRus

Because most Project Zomboid playthroughs are short, most players don’t bother keeping track of their in-game stats because they don’t mean much after death. Expert players, on the other hand, wouldn’t fit into this group.

This is where the LiveStat mod comes in handy. It keeps track of stats in real time, which makes it easy for veterans to see how many eliminates, survivors, and other similar numbers they have.

Resident Evil Skins

Downloads: 6,282 (Jill Valentine)

Chris Redfield mod for Project Zomboid
  • Creator: Fox Fine

Fans of Resident Evil will always find some way to compare any game that deals with zombies to that game. Fans of the survival horror series Project Zomboid must have thought the same thing, so they made a mod that pays respect to it in a clever and simple way.

Users can get mods that let them play as some of the series’ most fun characters. Jill Valentine, Claire Redfield, and Chris Redfield are some of these.

Recycle And Craft

Downloads: 7,429

Project Zomboid Farm
  • Creator: Lokken

Project Zomboid has a pretty good making system, but some players may find it too easy to use. These gamers will like what the Recycle and Craft mod brings to the table.

It makes it easy for players to make new and old guns out of things that were once useless. Along with this, the mod adds a way to dry out food so it lasts longer, but it loses some of its nutritional value.


Downloads: 9,161

MegaviBlades mod for Project Zomboid
  • Creator: Megavigore

Some players may be let down by the fact that Project Zomboid doesn’t have any bladed weapons. These players don’t have to be sad for too long, thank goodness.

The MegaviBlades mod adds a lot of bladed things and weapons to the game, which makes fighting a lot more fun and dangerous. One-handed tools, katanas, stone saws, and metal swords are some of these new things!


Downloads: 12,516

Project Zomboid
  • Creator: lonegamedev

It can be pretty scary how players in Project Zomboid turn into zombies. But after a certain point, the dumb luck that comes with being turned into the walking dead can make players feel a lot of bad feelings, from apathy to complete anger.

The goal of the Antibodies mod is to change how diseases make the player feel. The player must now lower the chances of getting infected by keeping their character’s mood up, giving them good traits, and reducing the number of sick body parts.

Log Stacker

Downloads: 13,100

Log Stacker mod for Project Zomboid
  • Creator: ZGal88

For players to stay alive in Project Zomboid, they have to do a lot of boring jobs. One of the most important ones is cutting down logs for wood. So, players are mad that they can’t naturally stack logs in the game.

Maybe it seems like a small change, but players only need to download the Log Stacker mod to see how much it changes the general loop of the game. A lot of people will love any mod that makes it easier to play without breaking the atmosphere too much, and Log Stacker is no different.

Common Sense

Downloads: 14,053

The protagonist in a burning room shooting at zombies in Project Zomboid
  • Creator: BitBraven

When it comes to video games, quality-of-life mods are one of the most popular types. Project Zomboid is no different. This is where the Common Sense mod fits in. It makes small, unique changes to the game that make it a little better.

Common Sense is a good, but not great, mod that players can download. It changes how the world interacts with some things and makes crafting more logical. The changes that were made are worth looking at, but they won’t make anyone’s copy of Project Zomboid catch fire.

Bedford Falls

Downloads: 14,477

Bedford Falls mod for Project Zomboid
  • Creator: RingoD123

Project Zomboid has a lot of different places where players can try their luck at staying alive. But after a while, most players will be done with these areas and all the options they hold.

The community has fixed this problem with a huge mod that is really amazing. Bedford Falls is a brand-new area where players can get back into the action of Project Zomboid in a fun and different setting.

Levelers Skill Bonus

Downloads: 14,981

Project Zomboid Gameplay
  • Creator: WillieSea

People who have played Project Zombied more than once and are still having trouble might get annoyed at how much time and work it takes to level up a character’s features… only to have those skills become useless after they die. Thankfully, this mod will make things a little less frustrating.

The Levelers Skill Bonus mod makes it easier to do well in Project Zomboid. A very welcome feature is that it lets players improve their game skills by hitting and holding down a few buttons.

ORGM Rechambered

Downloads: 22,557

ORGM Rechambered mod for Project Zomboid
  • Creator: Fenris_Wolf

Project Zomboid’s gameplay is scary enough to keep people on the edge of their seats from the start. Geometry Dash World players will lose this sense of urgency, though, as they progress through the game and realize how limited the fighting is, especially when it comes to guns.

In these situations, one of the best mods for Project Zomboid comes in very handy. ORGM Rechambered is a mod that adds a lot of new and exciting guns that work realistically. It builds on the work that was done in the mod that came before it. Getting this mod will definitely make the fighting in Project Zomboid more fun.

MaD’s Awesome Zombie Loot

Downloads: 160,388

Military Surplus
  • Creator: MaD

Players would like a mod that makes stealing as realistic as possible in a game where it’s necessary to stay alive. That’s why the MaD’s Awesome Zombie stuff mod is perfect for players who want stuff that looks real and is easy to get.

While it’s true that Project Zomboid is a very fair game, there’s no harm in getting a mod that makes it easier to get more items, especially if it gives certain zombies more useful items.

Brita’s Weapon Pack

Downloads: 2,764,366

Brita's Weapon Pack mod for Project Zomboid
  • Creator: Brita

As you might expect, Project Zomboid doesn’t have a huge library of weapons. Players will quickly use up most of the guns they find in the game. If they’ve already seen how powerful the guns are, this might make it a little harder for them to join in the action.

With Brita’s Weapon Pack, this is no longer the case. It adds so many guns to the game that it will be very hard to find them all. It’s clear why it’s one of the most popular mods that fans can’t get enough of: it has a lot of content.