May 22, 2024

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12 Best Remnant 2 Archetypes For Solo Players

Although Remnant 2 is best played with a friend, it's still a great game to play by yourself. For solo players, this is how the game's Archetypes rank.

Remnant 2 is best played with other people, but it’s still a great game to play by yourself. For people who play the game alone, this is how the Archetypes rank.

Gunfire Games’ newest game, Remnant 2, has jumped to the top of the Steam charts and is taking over platforms all over the world. It aims to start a new era of Souls-like games. The game claims to be very fun and very replayable because it has a huge and always-changing collection of worlds, enemies, and dungeons that players can explore as any of the many character classes.

Even though Remnant 2 is designed to be played with other people, it’s still very easy to use for single players. However, when choosing a character, different things need to be thought about for these players. When you don’t have a friend to help you, you have to look at the strengths and flaws of each class in a whole new way. Here are the best things people can do to get rid of the Root Infection on their own.


The Explorer Archetype character selection in Remnant 2
IconNameEngramArchetype TraitPrime PerkArchetype ‘Role’
Remnant 2 - Explorer IconExplorerGolden CompassSwiftnessLuckyBuffer/Secret-Finder

There are times when the Explorer is one of the best solo archetypes and times when it is one of the worst. This can make things tricky for players. To be more specific, the Explorer class is great for players who want to get around faster, find more things, and figure out secrets more easily. The Explorer isn’t the best Archetype for people who want an Archetype that does a lot of damage, help, or staying alive.

This next point makes sense since players can’t unlock this Archetype until they beat Annihilation. However, the Explorer is best for players who are already strong and just want to quickly find secret items. However, the answer to the question of how good this class is for playing by yourself is just okay.


The Alchemist in Remnant 2's character creator
IconNameEngramArchetype TraitPrime PerkArchetype ‘Role’
Remnant 2 - Alchemist IconAlchemistPhilosopher’s StonePotencySpiritedSupport

The Alchemist is a hidden Archetype in Remnant 2 who is an expert at making magical drinks and mixtures. Their skills revolve around giving themselves and their friends different kinds of puffs using different brewed tonics and potions. From the way this Archetype is designed to play, it’s clear that the Alchemist is meant to be a support class that makes the whole multiplayer team better when they’re there.

People naturally think that The Alchemist is bad when played by itself, but that’s not fully true. Once they hit level 10, a Primary Alchemist Archetype player can have 4 more Concoction Buffs active thanks to their Prime Perk, Spirited. And this is a pretty silly gain when you think about how strong the buffs from Concoctions are. The Archetype is still near the bottom because every other part of it works better with other people than by itself.


The Invader Archetype from Remnant 2
IconNameEngramArchetype TraitPrime PerkArchetype ‘Role’
Remnant 2 - Invader IconInvaderSerrated Root BladeUntouchableShadowCrowd Control/Debuffer

It’s very hard to find the next Archetype, the Invader, and it’s also hard for enemies to hit them once they have it. Being sneaky, fooling enemies, and using decoys are all important parts of this Archetype.

With just the Prime Perk, players can confuse enemies a lot, since every time they use an Invader Skill, they’ll make these “Shadow Decoys.” It gets even better: enemies that attack the Decoy because they think it is real take more damage while they’re destroying it. The Invader’s first skill is Void Cloak. When the player uses this Skill, they can automatically dodge, and each roll uses some of the Skill’s meter. This is also true for the level 5 and level 10 skills for the Invader, also known as Worm Hole, and Reboot. However, they are much harder to use well. No matter what, the Invader class is great for playing alone because it’s great at keeping enemies from attacking the player, which is usually the job of friends in multiplayer.


Remnant 2 - Medic In Character Class Selection
IconNameEngramArchetype TraitPrime PerkArchetype ‘Role’
Remnant 2 - Medic IconMedicCaduceus IdolTriageRegeneratorSupport/Healer

Given that Remnant 2 is like Souls, it stands to reason that the game is tough and violent. This is a very good guess, especially if players pick one of the harder starting challenges, like Nightmare or Apocalypse. So, following the same line of thought, an Archetype that heals and protects the player should work well to deal with the problem, right?

Yes and no. This Archetype is shown by the Medic. It has a lot of Perks, Skills, and even a Trait that helps heal, but it’s still not the best class to use by yourself.

When players use it, they will definitely be able to stay alive longer, but only if they make it out of the fight that’s hurting them (or find a way to heal during that fight). To make boss fights last longer, the Medic class doesn’t have many built-in ways to increase its damage. This means that solo players won’t be able to get through them faster.


The Archon Archetype from Remnant 2
IconNameEngramArchetype TraitPrime PerkArchetype ‘Role’
Remnant 2 - Archon IconArchonHexahedronFlash CasterTempestDPS/Weapon Mod Spam

The Archon is by far the most secret Archetype in Remnant 2. After all, this class needed a skilled group of data miners to figure out how to let people in. Once players get it, though, they’ll be able to choose the Archon as their starting Archetype every time they play.

And the Archon is really great as a solo starting Archetype. It’s all about Mod Power, to put it in the shortest possible lines. Its Perks and Skills are mostly based on Mod Power. Some of its Skills even improve Mod Power. The Archon is a good choice for a single-player Resident Evil 2 run as long as players like to use Weapon Mods, which makes sense for some mods like Firestorm.


The Summoner class in Remnant 2's character creator
IconNameEngramArchetype TraitPrime PerkArchetype ‘Role’
Remnant 2 - Summoner IconSummonerTome of the BringerRegrowthRuthlessDPS

The Summoner is the first companion archetype on this list. It is very different from the normal Handler archetype because it raises its own minions instead of always having one active. During the leveling process, the Summoner can call up three different types of Root Creatures. Each one is better at a different task: basic fighting, flying ranged, and single-target burst.

Again, the HP cost of calling in minions might make some people think this is a dangerous class to play by yourself, but that HP cost can be quickly lowered by using a few Rings or even a Concoction if needed. The Summoner quickly becomes one of the best solo classes once the problem is fixed. This is because it gives the player a way to get enemies to ignore them, friends who will protect them, and gear that gives bonus stats for Summoners.


Remnant 2 - Hunter In Character Class Selection
IconNameEngramArchetype TraitPrime PerkArchetype ‘Role’
Remnant 2 - Hunter IconHunterSniper War MedalLongshotDead to RightsLong-Range DPS

The Gunslinger is the most well-known “basic” DPS Archetype, but the Hunter is not far behind. Even though this Archetype isn’t just about DPS, it is a bit more about stealth and long-range fighting. However, it’s still mostly about firing a gun at an enemy, whether it’s a Hand Gun or a Long Gun.

But one thing that many people don’t think about is that the Hunter class is great for spying or just getting through areas without much fighting. The Hunter has many ways to do this, such as using Hunter’s Mark to see all close enemies at once or Hunter’s Shroud to sneak past enemies without being seen. On top of that, this class’s Perks give it a lot of Ranged Damage and Weakspot Damage buffs, which make boss fights a lot faster.


The Gunslinger Archetype from Remnant 2
IconNameEngramArchetype TraitPrime PerkArchetype ‘Role’
Remnant 2 - Gunslinger IconGunslingerIron CylinderAmmo ReservesLoadedDPS

While the Gunslinger is technically a “hidden” Archetype in Remnant 2, it never really felt that way since it came with the Deluxe Edition of the game. In any case, the Gunslinger is the most “default” DPS class in the game because it’s built to use both Long Guns and Hand Guns quickly and effectively.

An added bonus is that the Gunslinger is great at handling ammo reserves because that’s one of its traits, and many of its skills and perks are geared toward getting more ammo or saving it more efficiently. These benefits are very helpful in multiplayer, but they’re also pretty helpful in single-player, too. This makes it a good or even great choice for a starting Archetype for a solo game.


Remnant 2 Ritualist
IconNameEngramArchetype TraitPrime PerkArchetype ‘Role’
Remnant 2 - Ritualist IconRitualistCursed EffigyAfflictionVileDebuffer/DPS

There is only one new Archetype in Remnant 2 and it’s the Ritualist. It was added with the Awakened King DLC. It’s been a long time since players have asked for this Archetype. Which is based only on Status Ailments and Elemental Damage. In Remnant 2, there are a lot of different Ailments. Players could make their own builds based on these Ailments, like a Bleed, Toxin, Overload, or even Debug build. But they would always be much weaker than most other builds.

But now with the Ritualist, it’s the other way around. Players will notice that they do a lot less AoE damage and damage overall when they aren’t using an Ailment or Elemental Damage build. This is because they aren’t using their Ritualist loadout. Many people don’t think of the Ritualist as the best choice for a solo game, but once they learn about the AoE potential, how to heal with Ailments when paired with certain Rings or Amulets, and how much damage this Archetype does, they’ll almost certainly want to at least try a Ritualist build.


The Engineer Archetype from Remnant 2
IconNameEngramArchetype TraitPrime PerkArchetype ‘Role’
Remnant 2 - Engineer IconEngineerDrzyr CaliperFortifyHigh TechOff-Tank/DPS

In terms of toughness, the Engineer is just a bit behind the Challenger. But both classes are great at taking damage. To get a lot of the toughness buffs and bonuses, the Engineer does have to hold their signature Heavy Weapon. But that’s not really a “big ask” when you think about how strong this Heavy Weapon is.

If you’re playing by yourself, the Engineer is like the Handler or the Summoner in that it lets you have a friend who can help you out without having to play with other people. Of course, the Heavy Weapon turret is a little hard to get used to at first. But once players get the hang of calling it up, picking it up, and calling it down again. They’ll find that they’ve become a mobile weapon of mass destruction without even realizing it. When it comes to DPS, toughness, and Skill Damage, the Engineer has a bit of everything.


Remnant 2 - Challenger In Character Class Selection
IconNameEngramArchetype TraitPrime PerkArchetype ‘Role’
Remnant 2 - Challenger IconChallengerSteel EnswellStrong BackDie HardTank

The next Archetype on the list is the Challenger, who is good at getting close to people. As in Resident Evil 2, they’re similar to the “Tank” class and are made to get into the thick of things and make the best of it. This is by far the best Archetype for a solo player. Because it’s one of the most durable, has a built-in “revive” power, and is very simple for new players to learn.

Since its Die Hard Prime Perk still works, Challenger is also one of the best Archetypes for a Hardcore Mode run. The Challenger doesn’t need all the fancy skills because it does its job well. It’s not the most “unique” Archetype in Funny Shooter 2, but that doesn’t matter.


Remnant 2 - Handler In Character Class Selection
IconNameEngramArchetype TraitPrime PerkArchetype ‘Role’
Remnant 2 - Handler IconHandlerSilent WhistleKinshipBondedAny

No matter what question you ask about Remnant 2, the Handler Archetype is likely to be one of the ones that you are told to use. This class is really helpful. The dog companion is great because it can protect, heal, fight, and even bring the player back to life. The Skills and Perks can also improve the player’s speed, damage, or damage reduction.

Still, a lot of the Perks work by quietly improving allie. Which isn’t very useful when you’re playing alone, but the effects are still useful. For extra bonus points, the dog is also a “Summon,” which means that any gear that says “Summon” will work for this Archetype. Another cool thing about the Bonded Prime Perk is that it gives players a second chance every 90 to 120 seconds as long as they have Relics for their dog to use to heal them.