May 18, 2024

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30 Great Meta Quest 2 VR Horror Games

For horror fans looking for something to really get into on the Meta Quest 2, these are the best games to download.

For horror fans looking for something to really get into on the Meta Quest 2, these are the best games to download.

Most of the time, horror movies are scarier than horror video games. This is even more true for horror games that you play in VR. When people play Meta Quest 2, they’ll feel like they are right in the middle of the story, not just sitting in their living rooms. The Oculus name has been taken off of the Oculus Quest 2, which was its previous name. This is because its parent company recently changed its name.

There are many scary VR games to choose from for people who are brave enough to play them. Of course, VR is still very new, so players shouldn’t expect games like Silent Hill, Resident Evil, and Fatal Frame to be on the same level. There are, however, good and well-reviewed scary games already in VR stores that may surprise players. People who want to play these scary VR games should just make sure they know what they’re getting into.

Paranormal Activity: The Lost Soul

Meta Store Rating: 3.3

room in Paranormal Activity The Lost Soul

Most horror movie fans have seen at least one movie in the Paranormal Activity series. People saw how much promise guerilla marketing had when the first movie used it and made a huge profit. The found footage plot worked really well, and there are lots of reasons why so many people love the series, even though later movies haven’t quite captured the magic of the first one.

Paranormal Activity: The Lost Soul is a good video game that adds to the world of horror movies in its own unique way. It has the look and feel of great horror games that most people are used to. There is no way that this short but fun game can be called a genre-beater, but it’s perfect for VR players who want to experience the classic horror game experience.

Face Your Fears 2

Meta Store Rating: 3.5

Hands with hammer facing a spider.

People who play Face Your Fears 2 can look around the creepy, empty Harvest House and learn about the family’s past. Most horror games are rated M, so this one is rated T for kids, which makes it stand out. That doesn’t mean the game isn’t scary, though. It has a creepy vibe and a lot of jump scares.

Fans liked the game so much that they want the original to be brought over to the Meta Quest 2. The first game is still one of the best VR horror games out there and can be played on Gear VR.

The Twilight Zone

Meta Store Rating: 3.7

onster attack in The Twilight Zone VR

One of the most unique scary games out there is without a doubt The Twilight Zone. The unique way this game works can be scary for the player, which is what makes it so fun to try out in VR.

The Twilight Zone is one of the best Meta-Quest 2 scary games, and players only need to play it to understand that. The story is so crazy that players will be hooked until the very end, and fans will be sad that the game ends just as the story was getting great.

Project Terminus VR

Meta Store Rating: 3.9

Project Terminus VR

Project Terminus VR feels like a horror game that was based on Half-Life and turned up to eleven. The very suffocating atmosphere in this game will make players jump at the smallest sound and be completely scared.

Even though there is some fighting in the game, don’t get the wrong idea—Project Terminus VR is all about fear. It doesn’t take long for the game to let players know that this world is anything but safe and that staying alive will be very hard.

Affected: The Manor

Meta Store Rating: 3.9

Hands reaching out to old baby doll.

The Manor isn’t for gamers who want to follow a story. It’s more for gamers who just want to be scared. The game is a walking simulator where the attention is on exploring and feeling the atmosphere. The goal is to get out of the house.

Two new ways to play have been added to the game. They are called “The Gauntlet” and rank players by how fast they can complete the game. Another one is “The Darkness,” which turns off all the lights in the house and only leaves a candle for the player to see by.

After The Fall

Meta Store Rating: 3.9

Monster shot at in After The Fall

In VR games, you often have to fight zombies, and After the Fall is no different. Los Angeles is the setting, and there has been an end of the world that has covered the whole city in snow. Zombies also roam this land, making things even worse. Players have to arm themselves and deal with the many risks this game presents.

This game has a co-op mode where up to four people can play together, or one person can play alone and face the risks. The second one will definitely be scarier, so players should try to get the strongest tools so they can face the hordes of zombies with more confidence. If a player wants to try out other game types, they can also play 4v4 PvP, which can be fun if they can get a full lobby, which doesn’t happen very often.

Blair Witch

Meta Store Rating: 4.0

blair witch vr people can fly

For what it is, Blair Witch is a pretty average horror movie that didn’t really do anything new. When VR is added, though, it easily becomes one of the scariest games in this type that anyone can play.

Each step in Meta Quest 2 is hard because it’s more immersive, and players have to do their best to avoid the scary things that lurk around them. Without a doubt, it’s one of the best scary VR games out there.

Drop Dead: The Cabin

Meta Store Rating: 4.0

Drop Dead The Cabin

People who play Drop Dead: The Cabin together have to fight waves and waves of zombies. The idea isn’t the most original, but the game is so much fun to watch because it’s hard to control and the zombies are so scary.

Players can learn something new every time they die, and they can also level up their skills and add XP to their stats. Players can also try the round by themselves, which can be hard but makes it more scary because they are really on their own and not trying to stay alive with a friend.

The Exorcist: Legion

Meta Store Rating: 4.1

bloody floor by desk and painting of virgin mary

There are five parts to this adventure horror game, and publications like Kotaku and GameCrate have given it great reviews. As the player, they are an exorcist who has to look into demons and people who are affected.

The game has jump scares, sudden darkness, and scary sounds, among other things. A low frame rate and a few bugs are the only things that some players have said they don’t like. Some Steam users even said they returned the game and got their money back because it was too scary for them to play.

Layers Of Fear

Meta Store Rating: 4.1

first person view of room with vanity

Layers of Fear isn’t just available in VR, but it feels like it was made to be played with the Meta Quest 2. But since it’s a port, it won’t have many VR-friendly features. The psychological fear in the game comes from the fact that the player is a painter who is having hallucinations and is exploring his own home. You can’t shoot monsters or hide. It’s just an exciting adventure full of scares.

There are some good things about the remake of this game, mostly the improved graphics, but there’s a reason why a lot of people asked why it was made in the first place. Many people think that the original game is good enough, and the VR mode might be the best way to really get into this psychological horror game.

Zombie Bar Simulator

Meta Store Rating: 4.1

Zombie Bar Simulator

Not every scary game has to be a jump scare extravaganza that scares people crazy. Horror games can be funny in their own way sometimes. This will make sense to gamers who have played Zombie Bar Simulator. Many people like scary VR games with a twist, and this one is one of the more unique ones.

It will be more important for players to not mess up the orders of their magical customers as they try to keep their bar open no matter what. Zombies Bar Simulator feels real because of its comical looks and scary customers. It’s the best game for people who don’t want to be scared in VR and just want to play something relaxing.

Hellsweeper VR

Meta Store Rating: 4.2

Hellsweeper VR

Hellsweeper VR is a great VR game for people who want to play something reminding them of Doom. Taking on a lot of demons from the Underworld can be scary at first, but players will quickly get into the swing of things.

The roguelike structure makes the game very playable again and again, making each run feel like it was worth it. At first, Hellsweeper VR can be a little creepy, but soon enough, players will be cutting up their enemies like crazy.

Wraith: The Oblivion – Afterlife

Meta Store Rating: 4.2

Man monster with long arms in dark hallway.

One interesting thing about this VR game is that the player is not a real person, but a ghost that is trying to figure out how they died. Players can go through walls, move things around from far away, and see how other ghosts move.

Even though you’re not dead, there are still many scary things in this game, like ghosts that want to hurt you. The game does not use cheap jump scares. Instead, it builds thick tension and a long feeling of dread.

Arizona Sunshine

Meta Store Rating: 4.2

zombies running

Arizona Sunshine, which came out in 2016, is a standard zombie-survival horror game. A lot of people have said that this VR game is the best of its kind. It has a little more action than fear, but the intensity of it can definitely make your heart race. This VR horror game is different because it has a co-op mode as well.

Since it’s pretty much just another zombie shooter, many players say to get it at a discount. Even so, it has great VR features and lets you play with friends.

Kobold: Chapter 1

Meta Store Rating: 4.2

dolls and creature in rubble

Kobold is more of an experience than a game, but that’s how some VR games work. Exploring an empty German mansion in a scary forest is part of a quest to find a lost boy. There are a lot of movies in the game, but players can find hints and take their time to see everything.

This game is very short—it only takes about an hour—but it’s beautiful because of how it makes you feel. For fans of horror and mysteries, the trip might be worth it, but not for all players.

Wilson’s Heart

Meta Store Rating: 4.3

Wilson's Heart

Wilson’s Heart is a great VR game that everyone who owns a Meta Quest 2 should try for themselves. Because this medium is so engaging, it’s perfect for a psychological horror story that keeps players guessing until the very end, which Wilson’s Heart does very well.

Aside from that, some players think the plot twist is pretty obvious, which can take away from the general appeal of the story. Wilson’s Heart, on the other hand, is great for people who want to see how a VR game can mess with them and make them even more confused in such an intense medium.

Death Horizon: Reloaded

Meta Store Rating: 4.3

Death Horizon Reloaded

It’s not always necessary for a zombie apocalypse to make players feel powerful enough to bash zombie heads in without caring about anything else. However, even though the game is mostly about big action scenes, seeing a zombie charge at the player can be pretty scary.

The climbing parts of the game are a nice treat that make it more fun to play, and the best part is that two people can play together if they want to. For the most part, Death Horizon: Reloaded is a great game that more VR gamers should check out if they’re looking for more great ones.

Jurassic World Aftermath

Meta Store Rating: 4.4

jurassic world aftermath screenshot

Out of all the scary movies on Meta Quest 2, Jurassic World Aftermath is without a question one of the most unique ones. The cel-shaded art style and how great it looks in VR are the first things that people will notice about this game.

Of course, the terrifying dinosaurs that chase players all over the map are what make Jurassic World Aftermath such a great game. For people who like scary games, this short but sweet experience has a lot to offer.

Edge Of Nowhere

Meta Store Rating: 4.4

man looking at people hanging in cave

Edge of Nowhere looks at things from a third-person view, which is different from many other VR scary games. People who play the game become a man who is looking for his lost fiancée in the harsh world of Antarctica. The world quickly turns into a place of monsters and madness, though.

H.P. has to play the game. Fans of H.P. Lovecraft, since the game was based on his book Mountains of Madness. The game is beautiful and scary at the same time. Some reviews have said the controls are bad, but they still said it was one of their favorite VR games.


Meta Store Rating: 4.5


The way the monsters and enemies are made in Crashland can make it pretty scary, but players who can calm down and get used to them will slowly build up their nerves of steel as the game goes on. The action in this game is great, and the light RPG features make it feel like you’re moving forward.

Most VR games are pretty short, so players will be glad to know that Crashland is pretty long. Players have to be more careful about how they approach some difficult encounters because some places are hard. The fights are fun and definitely the best part of the experience.


Meta Store Rating: 4.5

Crossbow in hallway.

Cosmodread is a great game for kids who like science fiction and scary movies. The story takes place on a spaceship that is dying and full of monsters. In the style of survival horror games, the player has a gun but not a lot of bullets.

The game came out in March 2021 and has gotten a lot of good reviews on the online game shop. People have said that the game looks like Dead Space, Alien: Isolation, Backrooms Game or Silent Hill and that the mood is scary and fun.


Meta Store Rating: 4.5

two statues in big hallway

The player is stuck in a cave in this game and has to find a way out. Every reviewer who played the game said it was scary and warned that it’s not for people who are easily scared. There are scary sounds and monsters like devils, hellhounds, flying heads, and shadow people.

Like its name says, this VR game does make you feel scared as you explore the huge cave. The reviews have mostly been good, and at only $10, the game is a great deal.

In Death

Meta Store Rating: 4.5

stone all with knight attacking

Look no further than In Death if you want to play another scary VR game with a lot of fighting. The story and setting are interesting. The player discovers a broken-down heaven that monsters and lost souls have taken over. It is up to the player to bring peace back to an ancient world while fighting enemies.

Many people have said nice things about it, and some even say that In Death is their all-time favorite VR game. The only bad thing about it is that it’s not as scary as some of the other horror games on Meta Quest 2.

Lies Beneath

Meta Store Rating: 4.6

three undead

Lies Beneath is a survival horror VR game that came out in March 2020 and has gotten almost perfect reviews. This horror game has a lot going on, unlike Layers of Fear and The Exorcist: Legion. The game is set in the made-up town of Slumber, Alaska, and each player controls a college graduate who is coming home.

They find that the town is full of monsters and set out to find their father and save him. The game’s images and music have been praised in reviews. Many fans have said it looks like a mix of The Thing from comic books and Silent Hill.


Meta Store Rating: 4.6


People who like Dead by Daylight will really enjoy what Inverse has to offer. People who play this scary game have to do things while another player, who is playing a monster, attempts to take out them one by one.

To win, you need to be able to talk to each other, which is hard to do when a monster controlled by the player is scaring the Agents to death. Being the last Agent in the game while the monster takes them down is the scariest thing that can happen.

Red Matter

Meta Store Rating: 4.6

inside vault

The setting of this puzzle adventure game is interesting: it takes place in a future sci-fi Cold War. One plays as an astronaut sent to a moon base to look into a top-secret study project. Players have given this game a lot of good reviews, even though it’s short (less than three hours).

Like in Death, this game doesn’t have a lot of scary parts. Some players wouldn’t even call it a horror game, but a lot of them say that some parts of it made them feel uneasy and scared. Fans love the game’s graphics, voice acting, and suspenseful music, as well as its hard tasks.

The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners

Meta Store Rating: 4.6

First person view of zombie hoard.

The Walking Dead is sometimes more of a story than a horror show, but in VR, the scary parts of the show come out to play. It’s scary to explore in the dark with little light, and it’s also scary when a zombie pops up out of nowhere around a corner.

Many players enjoy the game’s action and scary parts, but some have said in reviews that the AI for the enemies isn’t always very good. Still, zombie fans should definitely give it a try… Even though it gets a little boring when players figure out how easy it is to knock out zombies, the game is still fun to play.

Resident Evil 4

Meta Store Rating: 4.7

Resident Evil 4 VR

Making Resident Evil 4 work in VR was a risky move, and Capcom did a great job with it. It’s possible that some of the problems from the real game won’t be there in VR, but that’s a small price to pay for one of the best horror VR games out there.

Since the remake of Resident Evil 4 is now out, many people may not want to play the original. The remake is, after all, a work of art and is thought to be one of the best computer games ever made. But there’s something about playing Resident Evil 4 in VR that makes it so appealing, and fans should definitely try it for themselves.

Into The Radius

Meta Store Rating: 4.8

into the radius vr game

Most people will be surprised by Into the Radius. The game definitely has all the classic elements of an action game: fun tasks, great combat, and lots of bad guys to eliminate. But the scary parts of this game are what fans will remember long after they’re done playing.

The scary first-person shooter has enemies that can really scare the player, so they have to be quick to eliminate them before they do too much damage. You can feel the stress in the world of this game, and players will need to be quick on their feet and on their toes if they don’t want to get lost in what it has to offer.

Five Nights At Freddy’s: Help Wanted

Meta Store Rating: 4.8

five nights at freddys monster with many teeth

Almost all gamers have played the Five Nights at Freddy’s games. It is one of those independent video games that became popular and has gotten a lot of games since it came out in 2014. It moved into the world of VR in 2019. The Help Wanted collection has both the original series’ best games and a number of smaller games.

If you want to enjoy this game, you don’t have to wear a VR gear, but it is recommended. Most players know what to expect before they start the game, but the VR experience is always scary.