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15 Location Of Every Stable In Breath Of The Wild

The map in Legend of Zelda: Breath of Wild is so big that it's easy to miss some important spots during the game. One of them is a stable.

The map in Legend of Zelda: Breath of Wild is so big that it’s easy to miss some important spots during the game. One of them is a stable.

In The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, the stables that are spread out across Hyrule are safe places for Link to rest, restock, and, of course, register and ride Hyrule’s beautiful horses. There are several stables in each area that players should use to learn new recipes, buy certain things from Beedle, and finish all of Hyrule’s side quests. Also, don’t forget to pet those cute puppies!

If a player is looking for these stables for the first time, going out into the unknown can be dangerous. Even if you’ve played before, knowing where these areas are and how to get to them will help you finish your Hyrule maps. Players will spend a lot of time exploring the open world and finding out what it hides, so it’s important to have a trusty mount that can get you from point A to point B faster. Knowing where the stables are will be very helpful in this regard.

What To Know About Stables In Breath Of The Wild

Legend of Zelda Stable

Most of the time, players would only stay in stables and take horses from them when they came across towns. In these stables, however, players can do a number of other things if they choose to explore them further.

In these places, you can usually find merchants, and some of them may have expensive goods. Because there is so much loot in Breath of the Wild, selling some of it isn’t a terrible plan. Aside from that, some farms have recipes that players can write down so that they can make certain drinks and dishes when they have the chance.

Important NPCs can also be found in some stables and can start quests for players to really get into. There are also dogs in these places that can lead Link to treasure if he makes friends with them. Usually, this means giving the dog some food and playing with it.

In Breath of the Wild, players should generally check out every place they come across. This goes for all of the stables in the game as well. Of course, players who are careful explorers will get a lot out of Breath of the Wild. Later in the game, some players can take it easy or go straight to Ganon if they want to. After all, most players will have what they need to beat Ganon once they’ve played the game long enough.

Dueling Peaks Stable In West Necluda

Dueling Peaks Stable botw

Most likely, the Dueling Peaks Stable will be the first stable that new players see in Hyrule. Link is sure to pass this stable on his way to Kakariko Village. It is in the West Necluda area, just east of the Dueling Peak mountains. From the Great Plateau, players can take the road that goes straight east. This will take them through the mountains to their first Hyrule stable.

After starting the side quest “Misko, the Great Bandit,” players can look for loot. If they don’t want to do that, the Wild Horses side quest is a great reason to tame your first horse and ride it around Hyrule! A lot of people love the beginning of Breath of the Wild. The first stable is known for being very exciting on its own.

Highland Stable Near The Faron Sea

Highland Stable botw

To get to the Highland Stables in Hyrule’s Faron Grassland, players must follow the main road southeast of the Great Plateau. This road will take them across Lake Hylia. With its rolling fields all around, the Highland Stable is a great spot to work on horseback riding and mounted fighting.

Do not forget to finish the side quest “The Horseback Hoodlums” and protect Highland Stable from a group of Bokoblins who are making trouble in the grasslands. This will earn you a Swift Carrot. The “EX Ancient Horse Rumors” quest can also be done by players who have the DLC to find the Ancient Saddle and Bridle.

Lakeside Stable By Lake Floria

Lakeside Stable botw

Near Faron Tower, in the middle of the dense jungle in the Faron area, is Lakeside Stable. Lakeside Stable is a great place to start your search for mighty bananas, which are a chef’s favorite fruit for making attacks stronger.

Getting the Axe off the top of the stable will stop the annoying storm that was hitting the stable and finish the “Thunder Magnet” side quest, which gives players the Rubber Helm, which is part of the Rubber Armor set.

Riverside Stable Between Hyrule Field And West Necluda

Riverside Stable botw

Along the Hylia River, northeast of the Great Plateau, players will find Riverside Stable. The Riverside Stable is another good early stable for new players. It is in a safe area in Central Hyrule, away from those dangerous guardian laser beams.

Get “A Royal Recipe” and “The Royal Guard’s Gear” while you’re here. You can only do these quests at the very end of the game, but writing them down doesn’t hurt. There’s no way that the game forces players to go to Hyrule Castle and finish this quest as soon as they learn about it.

Wetland Stable In The Lanayru Wetlands

Wetland Stable botw

Link can get to the Wetland Stable by following the Hylia River north past the Riverside Stable. This stable is just west of the Lanayru Wetlands and is a great place to start a trip that will take you up into the Zora Domain, which is to the east, after a tough mountain walk through a group of Lizalfos.

To finish the “Riverbed Reward” quest, players must pull a chest out of the water. Gamers will get a Royal Broadsword as a reward for telling Izra what they found inside. Everyone in Breath of the Wild knows a lot of secrets, and the stables are no different.

Woodland Stable Near Eldin Canyon

Woodland Stable botw

The Woodland Stable is in the northeast area of Central Hyrule, in the middle of Death Mountain and Hyrule Castle. The north-facing path that leads past Woodland Stable will lead to Woodland Tower and then to the Great Hyrule Forest, where the Master Sword can be found.

Link can also find the quick veggie curry recipe, which will make him feel like he can fly. This is where players can finish both the “Balloon Fight” and “EX Strange Mask Rumors” quests. From this point on, players should have gotten strong enough to face Ganon, but more work still needs to be done.

Foothill Stable Between Zora’s Domain And Goron City

Foothill Stable botw

The Foothill Stable is right in the middle of Zora’s Domain and Goron City. Foothill Stable makes the best of being under Death Mountain, which is a scary place for a stable.

Make sure you don’t miss Gaile, the traveling trader, who sells fireproof elixirs to people who want to go up Death Mountain. If players talk to Mayro and look at the picture in the stable, they can also start the “A Landscape of a Stable” quest, which leads to the Tah Muhl Shrine.

South Akkala Stable In The Akkala Highlands

South Akkala Stable botw

Not far from Akkala Tower is South Akkala Stable. Stick to the left side of the road that goes north above Zora’s Domain. This will take players past Akkala Tower and up to South Akkala Stable. To get the very useful Travel medallion, players can start the DLC side quest “EX Teleportation Rumors” here.

For an extra silver coin, players can also finish the “Little Sister’s Big Request” fetch quest. Gleema’s birthday needs will be met by bringing an Amopranth and then a cold, warm, and electric Darner.

East Akkala Stable In Northern Akkala Highlands

East Akkala Stable botw

People can find the Akkala Ancient Tech Lab in the far northeast area of the map. This is a good place to get new Ancient clothes and improve Link’s Sheika Slate.

The East Akkala Stable is located down the road, just south of the Tech Lab. It has a beautiful view of the Akkala Sea. The side quests “A Shady Customer” and “The Spring of Power” should be picked up along the way.

Outskirt Stable In The Southwest Corner Of Central Hyrule

Outskirt Stable botw

The Outskirt Stable is in the southwest part of the Central Hyrule area. Outskirt Stable is a great first stable for new players because it is almost directly under the Great Plateau.

It is just west of the Coliseum, which is a tauntingly dangerous venue that players can easily get to after jumping off the Great Plateau. Outskirt Stable is also where you can pick up the side quests “A Rare Find,” “The Royal White Stallion,” and “My Hero.”

Gerudo Canyon Stable On The Border Of Gerudo Desert

Gerudo Canyon Stable botw

The Gerudo Canyon Stable, which is at the end of the Gerudo Canyon mountain pass, is the last place to rest before entering the harsh Gerudo Desert. Don’t forget to buy some Cold Darners from Maypin, the street vendor.

Cold Darners can be used to cook tasty meals that can withstand high temperatures, which is important for staying alive in the dry desert. The “Missing in Action” quest requires players to find and save Sesami’s friends, and the “Rushroom Rush!” task requires them to collect 55 rushrooms for Pirou.

Tabantha Bridge Stable In Hyrule Ridge

Tabantha Bridge Stable botw

The Tabantha Bridge Stable is on the Hyrule side of Tabantha Bridge, across Tanagar Canyon (the big scar on the northwest side of the map). It is right in the middle of the map, facing east. Although the path to Rito Village can be hard at times, players will likely return to this spot over and over again because it is so visible.

Large, tall mushrooms grow all around the Stable. If it’s not raining, they can be a lot of fun to climb. Get the side quest “A Gift for the Great Fairy” to get to Piper Ridge and find the Fairy Fountain.

Serenne Stable Between Hyrule Ridge And Korok Forest

Serenne Stable botw

Serenne Stable can be found by leaving Central Hyrule and going northwest on the road that goes north past Ridgeland Tower. A lot of players might only go to this stable once and then forget about it for the rest of Survivor IO because it’s in a strange place on the map that they won’t need to go to very often.

Serenne Stable is an important stop on Link’s great northern journey because it is the last stronghold before he goes up into the cold Hebra Mountains from the east. You can also get “The Leviathan Bones” side quest here from three brothers who are grouped together.

Snowfield Stable In Tabantha Tundra

Snowfield Stable botw

If players keep going up the road from Serenne Stable, they will reach the Tabantha Tundra area of the Hebra region. Snowfield Stable is right here, making it the perfect place to start for any explorer who wants to go horseback hunting for big game.

Tabantha Tundra is a great place to get gourmet meat that is still raw. This meat can be sold for a good amount of rupees or made and eaten for a good amount of hearts. Talking to a figure named at the back of the stable starts the side quest “Stalhorse: Pictured!” Getting this picture earns you a solid Silver Rupee and some information about the Typhlo Ruins, which are one of the most mysterious places in Breath of the Wild.

Rito Stable Near Rito Village

Rito Stable botw

Rito Village is just across the street from Rito Stable. So Rito Stable and then Rito Village are must-see stops on Link’s epic road trip across Hyrule. They are great safe zones in the Tabantha area.

There is a recipe for spicy meat stew hidden in the stable. It will help brave chefs stay warm in the frozen Hebra Mountains, which are just north of the town. Goron Spice can be found here. A character named Lester is near a cooking pot and needs it so that players can finish the side quest “Curry for What Ails You.”