May 16, 2024

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14 Great Minecraft Features You May Not Know

Mining is the most popular video game of all time, with over ten years of sales. Even though Minecraft is old, some users may not know about its features.

Even though Minecraft has been around for a long time, some players may not know about these benefits.

The most-bought video game in history, Minecraft, is more than ten years old. With every big update, new content is added to the game, which is why it keeps being popular. There are lots of things in Minecraft that players don’t know about. There are over 84 mobs and 800 blocks, so it’s clear that many people don’t know about some features.

In the game, every mob is very complex and has its own unique way of doing things. The new Sniffer mob is one of a kind and can be bred with the new torch flower seeds. Players have been able to take advantage of many parts of the game by using secret mechanics to set up automatic farms that give them a lot of resources.


Supercharged Creeper

When you use lightning on mobs in Minecraft, they will change in interesting ways. Red Mooshrooms will change into Brown Mooshrooms when hit by lightning, and the other way around. This game’s pigs will turn into zombie pigmen, and its creepers will get stronger. Creepers that have been supercharged give off a lightning-like glow and do a lot of damage.

The most sad change happens to Villagers. Someone in the Village will become a Witch if lightning strikes them. If a player has built a busy iron farm, this event is a nightmare because it turns Villagers into Witches, undoing all their hard work. It is important to use a lightning rod so that an iron farm doesn’t turn into modern furniture after one bad lightning strike.


Cat surrounded by flowers

Cats are the cutest new thing in the game, but they also have a secret ability that makes them useful to the player. Having cats around will keep you safe from Creepers and let them farm gunpowder for you. Since it makes fireworks, gunpowder is very important for players who have an Elytra.

Phantoms are thought to be the most annoying Minecraft mobs. Phantoms will also stay away from cats. When building outside at night, this feature comes in handy because the Phantoms will sneak into safe places and wake up any player who hasn’t used a bed in a while.

Music Discs

music discs Cropped

Both the songs in Minecraft and the music discs in the game are much better than they sound. Without a doubt, the best thing to do with gems is to build a jukebox and play music from the game’s records.

With the angst of a creeper, players can add to their record collection. When a skeleton dispatches a creeper, it will drop a random music disc as a reward. The disc that is dropped is completely random, and players will have to plan for a skeleton to take out a creeper more than once to get more music.

Minecart Hopper

Hopper Cropped

Hoppers lets players make automatic systems and added a lot of new features to Minecraft. Hoppers can only get things through certain blocks. They can’t get items through solid blocks. A minecart with a hopper can go through a solid block and pick up things.

The rail makes it possible for the minecart to clip just above the ground, which lets it reach things through the block above it. With this feature, players can keep their automatic farms clean without having to use hoppers that can be seen.

End Rods

End Rod Cropped

A big part of Minecraft is building, and skilled players need to use lighting sources other than fires to make their homes look good. A lighting block source that isn’t used enough is the end rod, which can look good in a modern building style.

Even though it’s easy to make end rods once you have the right gear, not many people know how to do it. One popped chorus fruit and one blaze rod are needed for the crafting process, which gives you four end rods. By melting chorus fruit, you can get popped chorus fruit.

TNT & Player Hitbox

tnt hitbox Cropped

To survive a TNT blast, you should usually have a cover or good armor on. There is a bug in the way Minecraft figures out how much damage blast damage does, which can be used against the game. An blast hitbox for a player is at their feet.

A player will take a lot less damage if they are one block below an explosion than if they are a few blocks away across the screen. This feature can be used for mining Netherite outside of PVP.

Netherite Mining

Netherite Mining Cropped

In order to get better protection and tools, mining for Netherite takes a long time. Explosions can greatly speed up the process of collecting Netherite and make it more fun with them. All you need is a farm with sheep for wool and a lot of making beds.

Any player can make beds burst in the Nether when they touch them. When you get close to Y level 15, dig a small hole to fit the bed in. Be sure to be a few blocks below the bed to use the player’s explosion hitbox. To safely learn how to mine double-edged Netherite, it’s best to bring only the bare necessities and a lot of food.

Carpet Fence

Carpet Fence Cropped

It is important to set up an animal pen early in the game so that there is a steady supply of food. Sheep will give you a steady supply of wool that you can use to build up a supply of beds for netherite gardening. It is important to catch at least two of each kind of animal, like cows, so you can use their leather to make books.

A cobblestone fence is the cheapest way to keep animals in during the early game, but making a gate can be hard and animals can get out. By putting a blanket on top of a cobblestone fence, the player can move around on top of it while the mobs can’t.


Trim Cropped

Shears can be used for many things, like cutting pumpkins into shapes or getting wool from sheep without hurting them. The shears can stop the growth of certain plants, but many players don’t know this.

When players right-click on cave vines, kelp, twisted vines, or weeping vines, they can stop their growth for good. Kelp can be stopped from growing in ponds with Axolotls so that the beautiful frogs don’t hide.

Straight Down Mining

Straight down mining Cropped

Since Minecraft came out, players have warned each other not to dig straight down because it could lead to a bad accident. One small tip lets players break the first rule of Minecraft without getting in trouble and find a new way to dig.

Digging straight down leads to a 1×1 tube and doesn’t protect the player from what might be below. Players can make a 1×2 tube and stand between the two blocks to keep from falling. In the beginning of the game, this step is helpful because a good tool with magic may leave players with no time to avoid danger.

Name Tag

Rabbit and sheep special names

Not every secret feature has to be useful to the player; some are just there to look nice. Name tags can be useful on their own, but some names will make mobs act differently. Giving a sheep the name “jeb_” will make it switch between all the possible colors of wool dye, creating a beautiful rainbow effect.

The names “Dinnerbone” or “Grumm” will work on any monster in Skibidi Toilet. Any mob will go crazy when they hear these names. You can find a secret white and black pattern on a rabbit named “Toast” that was based on a real rabbit. Lastly, giving a Vindicator the name “Johnny” will make them crazy and fight all mobs except Illagers and Ghasts. These are just for looks, but they’re a great way to shock your friends because seeing an upside-down mob isn’t something that happens every day.


Player staring safely at enderman

In Minecraft, pumpkins are a special item that can be used in a number of ways. Players can cut a pumpkin and make a jack-o-lantern out of it to use as a light source. You can also make iron and snow golems out of pumpkins. You can also make a pumpkin pie, but you’ll need one egg and one sugar.

There’s something about carved pumpkins that not many players know about. A pumpkin that has been cut can be used as a helmet. This brand-new decorative hat won’t protect you and will make it hard to see, but it is useful. When players look at Endermen with a pumpkin on, it won’t make them angry. When fighting the Ender Dragon or building in the End, this trait comes in handy because looking at an Enderman by accident will make them angry.

Lava Buckets

Minecraft smelting with lava bucket

In every Minecraft world, there is a furnace where players can melt down thousands of things. Even though coal is easy to find, it is not useful after making a bucket. A coal will melt eight items, but a lava bucket will melt one hundred items.

The bucket is still there and can be used again. If players set aside a few buckets for lava making, they can use all of their coal to make torches to scare off enemies. You don’t need coal to heat anything if you live in the Nether. Lava buckets will do the job.

Magma Block

Sneaking on Magma and breathing

There are many ways to use magma blocks, and automatic farms need them because they eliminate monsters without damaging their dropped things. It is possible for the block to make a bubble column in the water that quickly pulls people, mobs, and items down.

With the new sniffer egg, players will spend a lot of time digging through sand blocks that look fishy. Players are very likely to drown because the drop chance is so rare. There is a secret magma block mechanic that lets players breathe underwater without taking any damage when they hold sneak on top of a magma block. This tool will make it a lot less annoying to look for sniffer eggs.