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All Of The Companions In Fallout 4, Ranked

Players have the opportunity to embark on journeys with a companion in Fallout 4. It's not easy to pick just one, so we ranked the best ones!

In Fallout 4, players can go on adventures with a friend. It’s not easy to pick just one, so we ranked the best ones!

If you get lost in Fallout 4, the wastelands are a scary and lonely place to be. It’s possible that some players will feel stressed when they try to play this game by themselves because the enemies are stronger than ever. If players don’t want the Lone Wanderer perk and are scared of ghouls and other scary creatures at night, bringing a friend might be a good idea. During the long game, it’s a great way for players to find some much-needed company, and the Sole Survivor can also make great friends with the people they lead.

As a player’s bond with their chosen partner grows, they can unlock unique Affinity Perks that help them on their journey in cool ways. Some of them can even be used as romantic choices, and others are just fun to have around when you’re feeling lonely. Companions are a great way to get extra ammo against the many enemies that stand in your way. Hanging out with them is also a great way to find even more content in Fallout 4 that will keep you busy for a long time. Still, some partners may be better than others, with fans really enjoying the personalities and skills of these characters. If a player wants to be stuck with deadweight for a long time, what they bring to the table is important.


Fallout 4 Automatron Companion In Dialogue
  • Location: Any settlement
  • Personal Quest: None
  • Perk: None
  • Romanceable: No

In Fallout 4, if none of the human partners seem worth the trouble, the Automatron DLC lets players make their own perfect robot friend. To change different parts of the Automatron during this process, players need to have perks in Robotics Expert, Gun Nut, Science!, and Armorer.

To begin making one, the Sole Survivor only needs to go to a settlement with enough parts and use a robotics workstation to begin building their Automatron. It’s not hard to turn a Nuka rocket into an effective weapon if you get the right bonuses. Even though the Automatron doesn’t have an affinity perk, it does give the Sole Survivor junk when they talk to it or hold it as a friend.


Fallout 4 Ada As A Companion From The Automatron DLC
  • Location: Near Wattz Consumer Electronics
  • Personal Quest: Part of the Automatron quest line
  • Perk: None
  • Romanceable: No

Assaultrons are the feared attackers of the wasteland. They look like humans but are made of robots. At the end of the Mechanical Menace quest in the Automatron DLC, the Sole Survivor can meet a one-of-a-kind Assaultron named Ada and hire her as a friend.

To begin the task, you can find her at Wattz Consumer Electronics. Ada doesn’t have an Affinity Perk, just like the other Automatrons that need to be built. She will often give the Sole Survivor useless things, and over time, she can be improved so that she can either pick lock or hack computers.

Old Longfellow

Fallout 4 Old Longfellow From Far Harbor DLC
  • Location: The Last Plank on the Island
  • Personal Quest: Shipbreaker
  • Perk: Hunter’s Wisdom
  • Romanceable: No

Old Longfellow, a cranky and experienced sailor, is introduced in the Far Harbor DLC. He is the player’s guide when they first go out into the fog to find Acadia and DiMA because he knows the island so well.

A lever-action rifle, which Old Longfellow likes, is a good gun to have. When you first go into Far Harbor as a low-level player, you might have trouble with many of the sea monsters there. His Affinity Perk can help you. Beasts are 25% less resistant to damage and energy when you have the Hunter’s Wisdom perk.


Deacon in Fallout 4
  • Location: The Railroad HQ
  • Personal Quest: None
  • Perk: Cloak & Dagger
  • Romanceable: No

Anyone who likes funny people or just likes the Railroad group more than the other two should play as Deacon. He doesn’t seem very trustworthy as a spy, which is why some players might not get along with him right away. He lies a lot of the time.

I guess you could say that Deacon is more of a long-range fighter since he likes shooting people with sniper rifles or pipe guns. His Affinity Perk is great for certain types of characters. Sneak damage goes up by 20% and stealth boys stay hidden for 40% longer with the Cloak & Dagger perk.


Codsworth speaking to the player in Fallout 4
  • Location: Sanctuary Hills, near the wrecked house of the sole survivor
  • Personal Quest: None
  • Perk: Robot Sympathy
  • Romanceable: No

Don’t let Codsworth’s good looks or friendly nature fool you. He’s helpful early in the game, when the player doesn’t have much and just got out of the vault. He is the first friend the player can get in Sanctuary Hills.

Codsworth dispatches his enemies with a buzz-saw and a flamer, which can be fairly tough. He can draw enemies to him, so the player may eliminate them without having to get close. His Robot Sympathy perk is very flexible and can be used by any character build because it makes them 10 times stronger against energy.

Porter Gage

Fallout 4 Porter Gage
  • Location: Fizztop Grille
  • Personal Quest: None
  • Perk: Lessons in Blood
  • Romanceable: Yes

The last DLC that Bethesda put out for Fallout 4 added one of the most powerful weapons to the game. The player will meet a lot of raiders in Nuka-World. Porter Gage, who used to be the Overboss’s right hand, is one of them.

Because his morals aren’t clear, he’s a great follower and works well with character builds that aren’t clear either. He’s also a beast in battle, and his favorite weapon is the handmade rifle, which is a Nuka-World raider classic and does a lot of damage. Anyone who is a Sole Survivor needs to have his Lessons in Blood perk. It gives 5% more XP for every eliminate and 10 points of extra defense against damage.


Fallout 4 Piper
  • Location: Diamond City
  • Personal Quest: None
  • Perk: Gift of Gab
  • Romanceable: Yes

Piper works from Diamond City as a writer for the newspaper Publick Occurrences. When players first meet her, she is having a hard time getting through the city walls. After you interview her, she’ll be ready to go on dates with you.

Piper prefers to use a pistol, and if a player builds a strong enough relationship with her, they can benefit from the Gift of Gab perk, which gives them double experience when they show charm or arrive at a new place. She’s pretty good at fighting, but she’s also very rebellious and doesn’t like being told what to do.


Fallout 4 X6-88
  • Location: The Institute
  • Personal Quest: None
  • Perk: Shield Harmonics
  • Romanceable: No

Later in the game, X6-88 can be used as a partner if players choose to side with the Institute. He is a manufactured and doesn’t have many human emotions. He will not like it when people are kind, and will enjoy it when they are selfish.

X6-88’s main tool in battle is an energy rifle called a Laser Rifle. It does a lot of damage, making him one of the best fighters among Fallout 4 companions. Players will get the Shield Harmonics perk from him once their friendship with him reaches the highest level possible. This perk gives players an extra 20 energy resistance.

Robert MacCready

Fallout 4 MacCready
  • Location: The Third Rail in Goodneighbor
  • Personal Quest: Long Road Ahead
  • Perk: Killlshot
  • Romanceable: Yes

MacCready is perfect for players who want a partner whose morals and ethics are also questionable. He used to be a Gunner and can now be found at Goodneighbor, where players can hire him for a few caps. But remember that the player won’t be able to level up their friendship with him until they finish all of his quests.

A sniper gun is what MacCready will use to take out his enemies because he is a very good shooter. Once players have won his love, he’ll give them the Killshot perk, which makes headshots 20% more accurate while they’re in V.A.T.S.

Preston Garvey

Fallout 4 Preston Garvey
  • Location: Museum of Freedom
  • Personal Quest: None
  • Perk: United We Stand
  • Romanceable: Yes

Preston is the best player for teams that want to be kind above all else. You can find him in Concord, where he will ask the player to help him and his band of Minutemen survivors. As their boss, he will ask the Sole Survivor to help clear out Concord and will keep asking them for help with setting up new towns.

His best weapon is a Laser Musket, even though it takes a long time to reload. He will appreciate players who are kind to others and ready to help those who aren’t doing anything wrong. When players get the United We Stand perk from him, they’ll deal 20% more damage and be less likely to get hurt by more than three opponents. It’s one of the best loyalty benefits out there.


Fallout 4 Cait
  • Location: Combat Zone
  • Personal Quest: Benign Intervention
  • Perk: Trigger Rush
  • Romanceable: Yes

Cait may not have her life together totally because she is addicted to drugs. She is, however, a very strong and skilled friend who can fight with a pistol against you. Her past life was as a raider, so any aggressive acts will likely be praised by her.

One of Cait’s best qualities is that she can pick almost any lock, which makes life in the wild a lot better. Once you’ve earned her trust, she’ll give you the Trigger Rush perk, which lets you get your Action Points back faster when your health is below 25%.


Dogmeat in Fallout 4
  • Location: Red Rocket truck stop
  • Personal Quest: None
  • Perk: Attack Dog
  • Romanceable: No

Dogmeat is the first friend that players meet in the game. This friendly dog is more useful than most people think. It might not be very good at fighting, but it is still useful. Players can freely get the Lone Wanderer perk while Dogmeat is nearby since he doesn’t count as a friend.

He can find things that are secret and knock out enemies during battle. He doesn’t care too much about morals, which makes him a good friend in that way. He’s not very useful in battle, other than being a nuisance, which is a shame.

Nick Valentine

Fallout 4 Nick Valentine
  • Location: Vault 114 (later in Diamond City)
  • Personal Quest: Long Time Coming
  • Perk: Close to Metal
  • Romanceable: No

Nick Valentine is a detective in Diamond City who turns out to be an old synth prototype with free will. The Sole Survivor’s main quest is to find and save Nick Valentine. He wants a friend who is kind to other people and wants to know the truth by asking questions.

He’ll like using his revolver in battle, but his best skill is being able to hack into computers that other players are having trouble with. When players’ friendship with him reaches a certain level, he gives them the Close to Metal perk, which lets the Sole Survivor hack a terminal 50% faster and gives them one extra try during the hack itself.


Curie in Fallout 4
  • Location: Vault 81
  • Personal Quest: Emergent Behavior
  • Perk: Combat Medic
  • Romanceable: Yes

Curie doesn’t look like a person at all when the Sole Survivor meets her for the first time. Her natural form as Mr. Handy is what she is instead. In battle, she isn’t very useful, but when her soul is put into a fake body, she becomes the best companion in Doodle Cricket. Curie has a good amount of health and does a lot of harm.

Good deeds make her happy, and when she transforms into Mr. Handy, she can attack her enemies with a flamethrower. This perks, Combat Medic, gives the Sole Survivor 100 HP back every 24 hours if their health goes below 10%. Together, Curie’s unique story and her ability to help in battle make her a great character to explore with as they search for their son in Fallout 4.