May 17, 2024

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League Of Legends: 13 Best Support Champions

Different types of support characters can be found in League of Legends. Take a look at these support heroes that are rocking League right now.

There are a lot of different support characters in League of Legends. These are some of the best League support heroes right now.

Over the years, League of Legends’ support role has become one of the most important in the game. Players can either set the pace of the game with their jungler or destroy their ADC with snowballs.

The support meta is always changing, just like any other job. Knowing which League of Legends support champions are the best right now can help players take over the bottom lane and get their leads to other parts of the map. Additionally, it is important to know what makes these support heroes strong, and players should always know what they need to do to win a game. Players can improve their chances of climbing by choosing support heroes who are strong at the moment.


Win Rate: 50% – Pick Rate: 8%

League of Legends Pyke

You can’t get a more unique support champion than Pyke. As an assassin, he is automatically one of the most active supports in the game. As of right now, Pyke has a 50% win rate and can go to any lane on the map, making him useful for any team.

Pyke works well with offensive ADCs because he can use his Phantom Undertow to stun enemies and his Bone Skewer harpoon to pull them in. When he hits level six, he becomes even more useful because he can share the gold he gets from eliminates with his ADC through Death From Below, giving them more gold from assists.


Win Rate: 53% – Pick Rate: 5%

League of Legends Zyra

Zyra is currently the best mage support in League, and her HP stats would improve a lot if they were added back to her favorite item, Liandry’s. Without it, she is very weak.

Zyra also has the most CC of all the mage supports. Her E has a root, and her ult has a big AOE knockup. These changes make Zyra useful at all times, even if she falls behind and can’t do much damage.


Win Rate: 50% – Pick Rate: 11%

league of legends nautilus with anchor in rain

There is no easier choice than Nautilus for players who want to jump in and start fighting whenever they can. He has the best lockdown on a single target, and his hook is the easiest to hit of all the hook champs.

As an active ADC who needs eliminates, players will want to pair Nautilus with them. However, his one-dimensionality can hurt him because he doesn’t have many ways to get out of a fight. Aside from that, he also has some severe counters, like Thresh, Janna, and Braum.


Win Rate: 51% – Pick Rate: 9%

League of Legends Nami

Nami is a good support choice in the current meta, even though it can be hard to hit her bubbles. With Imperial Mandate, she and her partner can do a lot more damage.

Because Nami is so strong in lanes, players should always try to trade whenever they can. However, they should be careful when engaging her because she is one of the easiest champions to eliminate at any point in the game. Setting up on Nami and other enchanters is very important because of this.


Win Rate: 53% – Pick Rate: 5%

League of Legends Leona

Leona is once again a top-tier engage support after getting some buffs and getting used to the new meta. Because she is so simple, she is a great champion for new players to try out. Players can also make mistakes with her and still survive.

Leona is great at taking out single targets, and she works best with an active ADC who can follow up and snowball their way to an early win.


Win Rate: 51% – Pick Rate: 9%

League of Legends Milio Splash Art

Milio is a new support character in League of Legends, but he has been one of the best characters since the game came out. At the time, Milio is one of the best supports because he can heal, shield, speed up movement, and deal more damage to fellow players.

With Milio’s W (Cozy Campfire) connected, they can use his passive effects more often and with more range, which is especially helpful for ADCs who are already very strong in this meta. It’s also good against many types of hard engage, but players who choose Milio first should watch out for champions with knockups that can beat him.


Win Rate: 51% – Pick Rate: 11%


It’s no surprise that Thresh is one of the best LoL supporters in season 14. Thresh is great because he is very adaptable. He can use all of his skills in both offensive and protective ways. He can Flay enemies away with his E when he feels attacked, or he can bring them closer when he wants to take their souls.

The Thresh’s hook can be used again to pull Thresh toward an enemy player. It stuns and drags them in. With his W, Dark Passage, he throws a lantern at friends. They can click on it to quickly run to where Thresh is. This lantern can be used to set up plays or to get allies to safety. Sometimes, players will want to stand away from their carry and have a light ready.


Win Rate: 56% – Pick Rate: 3%

League of Legends Maokai

At the start of Season 14, Maokai was one of the surprise favorites to win best support champ. This is because he is generally played in other roles, like jungle. But with the Trailblazer item, his already powerful ultimate is even stronger. This is because when he roots enemies from far away, it’s easier for him and his friends to catch up to them.

Maokai is a good tank support in every other way. He can use his CC to protect his weak teammates and to lock down the enemy for easy strikes.


Win Rate: 52% – Pick Rate: 10%

League of Legends Senna Splash Art

Right now, Senna is one of the most surprising strong supporters because she seems to have come out of nowhere. Still, her special skill as a marksman support is drawing a lot of players to her, and she usually does well in the lane and later in the game after she has scaled.

Senna works especially well when paired with a non-standard botlaner like Veigar or Seraphine. Since they are AP, Senna makes up for it with her AD and gives targets much-needed DPS. No matter what, players will need to review their ADC skills in order to play Senna well and deal the most damage.


Win Rate: 53% – Pick Rate: 8%

League of Legends, Janna

Janna is a great support enchanter who is great at pulling. Her Q ability, Howling Gale, sends a tornado to Janna. It charges up over three seconds, making it faster, farther, and more powerful. When used with the Glacial Augment Rune, players should hold on to their Q until the enemy comes in. Glacial’s slow field will stop them in their tracks and change the tide of the battle. However, calling Aery might be the better choice right now.

When Janna’s ultimate is used, it knocks back all enemies close and sends out a healing aura at the same time. She is a hurricane of a support champion, and you should not mess with Janna. Her E ability, Eye of the Storm, gives friends or even turrets a strong shield.


Win Rate: 54% – Pick Rate: 7%

League of Legends Bard

Even though the terrain has changed a lot, Bard is still finding ways to gank and use his Magical Journeys to change the whole area. Another great thing about him is that the new Trailblazer item fits him perfectly. It gives him fast movement and a trail that speeds up the friends that follow him.

Bard can do a lot of different things besides roaming. They can fight from a long distance, peel, be tanky, and do a lot of damage. But because he is so different from the other support players, he can take some time to get used to.


Win Rate: 53% – Pick Rate: 11%

League of Legends Rakan and Xayah

When it comes to supports, Rakan is one of the most versatile. He can play lane, roam, or wait calmly for teamfights, which is probably where he does best. He also makes good use of the new Trailblazer item, which gives him faster movement.

The heals and shields that Rakan gives you are a good mix of buffs. His knockup and charm also give you CC. Xayah, Rakan’s lover, is also in a good spot, which is good news for Penalty Kick Online players who want to climb with him because they can win games together with their unique interactions.


Win Rate: 54% – Pick Rate: 9%

Blitzcrank League of Legends

The fact that Blitzcrank has been banned more than 30% of the time shows how dangerous they are as a League of Legends character. With his famous Q ability, Rocket Grab, he grabs the other player and pulls them to himself. When paired with his one-target knockup and an ADC with burst, hooks that work often lead to dispatches.

But not many Blitzcrank players know that they can put as much pressure on the lane as they want and stop a lot of minions without using their hook. Most enemies will be zoning off and having a bad time just by pushing up in the lane with the ability ready. Also, you shouldn’t forget about His Ultimate Static Field. It can do a lot of magic damage and silence the enemy team, leaving them unable to defend themselves.