May 18, 2024

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How to Rent A Car Lahore Self-Drive Rent Car?

This article could also have been titled. Because, after a quick discussion with the Morini Point team and our customer support, we decided to collect all the fundamental information you may need to understand how our service works. So here are 10 questions and answers on how to rent a Morini Rent car. Rent a car Lahore self-drive if you are driving, you need a valid identity document and a B driving license issued for at least 12 months. The driver’s license must be valid and visible, this means that we cannot accept replacement documents or complaints if you have lost it or it has been stolen. We also accept valid foreign driving licenses.

What is The Minimum Age To Rent A Car?

You must be at least 25 years old, but the minimum age can be lowered to 21 with the purchase of the Youth Guide supplement. If you want to know more, you can find more information in the article on car rental for new drivers. As you can learn more in the article dedicated to permitted payment systems, to rent a Morini Rent car we only accept credit cards such as Visa, American Express, or Mastercard, with “embossed” numbers .

Furthermore, payment by credit card takes place only in the branch when you collect the car you have booked. The only exception on the payment system concerns van rental. At the discretion of the branch, as an alternative to the credit card, a security deposit in a bank check is accepted as a guarantee and advance payment of the rental via debit card.

Can I Cancel The Reservation?

If you change your mind, if you change plans or for any reason, you no longer need the car you booked, you can cancel your booking at any time, completely free of charge and without penalties. Car on rent in Lahore we only ask you to contact the branch where you have chosen to collect the car, by email or with a phone call, to communicate the cancellation and allow us to make the vehicle available for another person.

Is Fuel Included in the Rental?

The car is usually deliver to you with a full tank and must have the same fuel level when return. You can decide whether to refuel before returning or whether to pay the cost of refueling to the branch. In any case, the quantity of fuel present when you collect the vehicle is indicat in the Rental Letter.

What happens if you are late for the return?

With the Flexibility formula, you just need to notify us with a phone call and you have one hour more than the agreed time for the return, without any surcharge and without penalties. If you then delay beyond the extra hour, you will be charge for another day’s rental.

Do I Need Insurance to Rent a Car?

The rental contract includes coverage. Furthermore, we offer the possibility of taking out one or more extra covers at the time of collection to reduce the cost of compensation penalties in the event of a tort or theft accident. There are three additional covers you can take out: Damage, Theft & Fire, Total (including glass).

Who Pays in the Event of A Fine, Theft or Accident?

In the event of a fine, payment is up to the person driving. If the entity that issued the fine provides for it, we forward the car rental contract and you can proceed with the payment directly to the entity. Otherwise we will take care of it and you will be charg for the expense and management costs. In the event of theft, you will be charge the compensation penalty. However you have the possibility of reducing if when you collect the car you decide to take out additional coverage.

In the event of an accident, different cases must be distinguish. If it is a reasonable accident, you have full insurance coverage. In the event of a wrongful accident. However, you have insurance coverage except for compensation penalties, which you can reduce by taking out one or more additional covers at the time of collection. The insurance does not protect you in case of damage to the vehicle due to failure to obey road signs.

For more detailed information we recommend that you consult our general rental conditions and the damage classification and valuation table. Which also includes damage from negligence as well as damage from a road accident.

What Happens in The Event of a Vehicle Breakdown?

If the breakdown occurs during office hours, you must contact the relevant Morini Point, indicated in the Rental Letter. However, if it should happen at night or on holidays. You must contact the non-stop assistance available 24 hours a day .

These contact details are also available in the car rental agency Lahore. The staff in charge will give you all the assistance you need. At this point, we should have answered the fundamental questions on how to rent a car from our fleet. For any further clarification, you can contact Morini Rent customer service. Otherwise, book now.

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